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Berlin Marathon- 33rd. Ok

  • 42.7km
  • 2:20:26
    Moving Time
  • 3:17/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,276


  1. Andy B.

    Well done Josh, amazing effort!

  2. Michael Gard

    Well done.

  3. Mustafa Kayacık


  4. Mariusz C.

    Fantastic result.Good job

  5. Ashley Bennett

    So awesome champ

  6. Ben Raid

    Well done

  7. Bronty Halley

    Awesome mate, well done!

  8. Jack F.

    Gutsy effort Josh. You have done Tassie proud!

  9. Scott M.

    Well done, good effort


    Congratulations Josh Harris!!

  11. Hugh Williams

    Congrats mate, time to enjoy a beer!

  12. Frederik Vieten

    Top effort,

  13. ben attrapemoisitupeux

    Wow, congrats guy !

  14. D Jay Geb

    Well done bro proud of you

  15. Gart K.

    Well done today - super solid race

  16. Adrian Fabiankovits

    Huge! Congrats mate!

  17. Laurel Atkins

    MORNING JOSH Brian Lyons Adam Heath

  18. Antonio Tavanti


  19. Jason Havilah

    Well done Josh

  20. Anto (team 404)

    Amazing Josh, congrats!

  21. Chris Dixon

    Fantastic work Josh, an inspiration as always!

  22. ge wang

    Fantastic run! Congrats

  23. Ash Werner 🇦🇺

    Killing it mate, Invermay for life

  24. Mark Pleasance

    Great run, well done!

  25. Adrian Player

    Great work!!!!

  26. Michael B.

    Inspirational run Josh! Well done!

  27. Dave Ridley

    Nice job bro, killing it

  28. He T.

    MORNING Josh Harris Laurel Atkins Brian Lyons

  29. Kristy Williams

    Congrats Josh Harris!!!!! Well done. You are such an inspiration

  30. Nic B

    Great work mate. Always disappointing not to meet race expectations when training has gone so well. Still a performance to be very proud of, and a great source of confidence and motivation for the next one. You're controlling the things you can. Keep that up and you'll get the perfect marathon race day soon enough! Enjoy the post race celebrations.

  31. Josh Harris

    Thanks everyone! Amazing support on here

  32. sam hicks

    Great job Josh!

  33. Chris P.

    Well done, Josh! Solid effort and good result!

  34. Peter Duff

    Fantastic stuff Harris. Progressing nicely

  35. Alex Walker

    Bloody good results. Inspirational!!

  36. John C.

    Nice Josh great time

  37. anais zaa


  38. Jon Higgins

    Thoroughly enjoyed your blog on the marathon ! Great insight on what goes thru an elite marathoner. U should be proud of ur achievements.

  39. Josh Harris

    Thanks Jon. For others interested it can be viewed at http://www.runnerstribe.com/berlin-marathon-2016-rtjournal-by-australias-top-elite-male-finisher-josh-harris/ or on my website