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Kamil Waligora

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
  • 1
    Activity in 2019
  • 18.2
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 160

and there is the ''clockwise'' ;-D

Ride August 6, 2013
  • 32.6km
  • 431m
  • 55:39
    Moving Time
  • 1,162
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  1. Adrian M.
    Adrian M.

    Bravo kamil kom ...now I want another lap at 8pm prompt .ha ha.you beast

  2. Kamil Waligora
    Kamil Waligora

    It was a bit easier now, despite my legs being a bit stiff after the first effort! The traffic was calmer and it wasn't that windy too! :D

  3. Kamil Waligora
    Kamil Waligora

    Thanks Adrian! :-) That's enough for today.

  4. Jason  Dean
    Jason Dean

    Excellent pal, if only I was 15years younger, I would give it a go!!...lol..:) well done

  5. Kamil Waligora
    Kamil Waligora

    Thanks Jason! I'm sure you could still train hard enough to smash it ;-)

  6. Jason  Dean
    Jason Dean

    Maybe if didn't have 3 kids!!!..lol.. Will give it another go tho, but that is a good time pal!!..:)

  7. Kamil Waligora
    Kamil Waligora

    That's nice. Train kids hard (like today) and they will lead you out in years to come :-D Thanks, it was meant to be decent :-)

  8. Jason  Dean
    Jason Dean


  9. Adam C.
    Adam C.

    Wow thats impressive cycling Kamil. Smashing both loops in the same day is some going.

  10. Kamil Waligora
    Kamil Waligora

    Thanks for compliment Adam and for the idea too! :-)


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