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Suburban Explorer - A continuous ride of every street on your block

  • 32.8km
  • 356m
  • 1:30:45
    Moving Time
  • 1,247
  • 36
    Suffer Score


  1. Warrick M.

    You are so weird Haych!

  2. Ian Boylan

    Wins the award for craziest looking Strava map.

  3. Justin B.

    You missed some.....just saying.

    And surely a block is square, so you should really cover up to High Street Road next time

  4. Paul Semmens

    Love it!! (are you sure you didn't just get lost?)

  5. Eric M.

    H, that sums it up. I think you have started a trend. Crazy , but looks so cool

  6. Eric M.

    Yep just checked it, you missed some. Start again

  7. Tak T.

    Now you need to get that tattooed on your head

  8. Haych.mtb - Haydn Chapman

    Seem to have sparked some interest. No I did't miss any. They are either Bike Tracks, Lanes or adjoining footpaths. They are a lot of no through roads in Glen Waverley

  9. Eric M.

    And you got a trophy for your efforts

  10. Paul Semmens

    Next step for you - the whole suburb. I'd like to see that!

  11. Tak T.


  12. Haych.mtb - Haydn Chapman

    A new Blog coming soon "The Suburban Explorer" A place where we can post all those pointless rides close to home.

  13. Barbara R.

    You dickhead - so funny