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Bohlman BNKQOOB Edition

  • 9.0mi
  • 2,216ft
  • 55:45
    Moving Time
  • 510


  1. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    When Stephen, Greg, Mr. Mud and I started the ride, we knew that this would be our first time up BNKQOOB on Strava and it would be a guaranteed PR, so there was not much self-inflicted pressure, but apparently, I was not backpadaling hard enough and strangely, I started and maintained a lead from the beginning. Yay, I was the the No. 1 of the day! http://tinyurl.com/ldgkck2 . I made a comment to the guys, "I swear you guys were not pushing hard!" and suddenly they all felt a head itch all at the same time and had to scratch. http://tinyurl.com/l9tmu9g . Weird.

  2. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    And we were talking about stats: according to Low Key: BOOB: 4.11 miles, 2100 ft, 9.7% (http://lowkey.djconnel.com/2007/week3/ ); BNKQOOB: 4.44 miles, 2110 feet, 9.0% (http://lowkey.djconnel.com/2009/week6/)

  3. Stephen W.
    Stephen W.

    Nice job! Very impressive. You were right, I misremembered the stats. I think the flat (and downhill) bit at the bottom skew them. I wonder how the difficulty of the actual climbing segments compares. I looked to see if Dan had some analysis, and only found a comment in a post where he said he says "Difficulty-wise, it seems roughly comparable to Bohlman-On Orbit-Bohlman." I thought he had some more in-depth analysis somewhere, but a quick search did not find it. Anyway, I enjoyed my first time up that way. At the time it seemed pretty tough, but fading memory is already coloring it as not-so-bad :) I'll try to push harder next time.

  4. Brian L.
    Brian Lucido

    Nice story

  5. Patrick H.
    Patrick Herlihy

    I love that way up.. wish I could have made it last night!

  6. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    @Stephen, I didn't know you took Mt. Eden over and bagged lots of PR's! Guess you did push yourself! Next time, maybe you can do your commute Monday/Tuesday combo so you can have the pie with us post ride!
    @Brian, thanks!
    @Patrick, I wish the same thing! That way up is esp. nice now because the lower Bohlman is still a bit loose even though it was much improved from a week ago. And it's very quiet!

  7. Rich B.
    Rich B.

    we'll do a test run up this one on Sep 7th if your crew wants to join us. We will hit another LKHC climb same day - the one that we will organize. 9am-ish in downtown saratoga the crew will meet.

  8. Mudworm ~.
    Mudworm ~.

    Hi Rich, thanks for the shout out!