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80s 8K: Austin Distance Challenge #1- 2nd Place AG

Run October 2, 2016
  • 5.0mi
  • 42:36
    Moving Time
  • 8:30/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 593
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  1. Will Webb

    Way to go Teresa! AG Podium!! I did see you outside the ADC tent when I was just entering it. I looked at the tacos and you were gone.

  2. Bing Shen

    Congrats! That's an awesome medal

  3. Ben Flores

    Great Job! Congratulations nice pics!

  4. Katie Estill

    Awesome!! Congratulations!!

  5. Stephanie H.

    Congratulations! Smokin fast pace! And yay, you earned your skirt!!

  6. Jane W.

    Your hard work got paid off! Marvelous work!

  7. Timothy M.

    Congrats! Great race!

  8. Adam Janisse

    Super great Teresa

  9. Barefoot Bill Evans

    Well done Teresa! Good work. Looking good.

  10. Mehmet Ali OK

    Congrats Teresa

  11. (# Monique #) B.

    Great pace......one

  12. Johan Kriel

    Excellent Teresa. I can only hope for a result like that in our half marathon in a fortnight. Loved the photo of your tootsie.

  13. Derek C.

    Well deserved my friend :)

  14. Barefoot Teresa

    So, Will Webb, you are one of those people who can eat right after a run! I just grabbed my 80s 8k magnet - didn't hang around in line for food. You ran an awesome race! We had nice weather for it, for sure. I'll look for you at the Run for the Water 10 miler in November!

  15. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Jennifer Reed, Bing Shen, Ben Flores, Steph Leopold, and Katie Estill! The dry air and coolish temperature certainly made running feel easier than it has been for the past few months of heat and humidity.

  16. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Stephanie Harvey! That skirt was a great motivator when, during mile 4, my nemesis nausea threatened to ruin my pace. Going up a hill about mile 4.5, the smell of food cooking floated through the air and it just made things worse; however, I could hear the loudspeaker from the finish line and some people cheering runners from the side walk said that down hill was just up the road and then downhill straight to the finish - and I thought I was close to losing that skirt as my reward - so I was able to push through and got my goal pace right on the nose : )

  17. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Jane! Now the pressure is on to keep up the training for the next races in the series : ( At least we're done with triple digit temperatures for a while!

  18. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Timothy Mungania, Adam Janisse, Barefoot Bill Evans, Mehmet Ali Ok, and Monique bermudez!

  19. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Derek Chamorro and Johan Kriel. Johan, I've no doubt that you will achieve the result you want when you run that half marathon. You've had some strong runs these past few months! About my soiled feet: we went to our daughter's house immediately after leaving the race site. My three young grandsons, who find few, if any, things disgusting, were a bit grossed out when they saw how dirty my feet were : )

  20. Bob (Barefoot) Allsopp

    Congratulations Teresa! Sounds like you had a great race.

  21. Jia Z.

    Awesome congrats!!!

  22. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Bob and Zia! Bob, the weather turned out to be much more runner friendly than our weather has been the past few months. It was a beautiful morning for a hilly race, and everything seemed to go right that day : )