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10/08/2013 Pony Ride!!!

  • 143.6mi
  • 4,345ft
  • 7:58:02
    Moving Time
  • 4,923


  1. David Taylor

    Had to be done!

  2. Keith M.

    This is amazing!!!

  3. Keith M.

    One day ill have to do this! :-)

  4. David Taylor

    Go for it - I'll make it a segment so everyone can have a go.

  5. Keith M.

    Yeah do it, is there a map for this? If I gets lost who knows what picture you'll get....

  6. David Taylor

    I plotted it on Bikehike first, I'll send you the file.

  7. Keith M.

    Ok thanks

  8. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    Well done guys, that's about twice as far as I've ever ridden!!

  9. Ben M.

    and you said I was crazy to do the Long one...chapeau

  10. David Taylor

    It was a little tiring. Matt's GPS gave up a couple of miles from the end so he's going to re-load with mine. We finished together so it's legit.

  11. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    You both must have been exhausted! Good average as well.

  12. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    Just noticed the little head / body overlap - nice details!

  13. David Taylor

    We weren't too exhausted, didn't push too hard, just wanted to complete the route. Put a lot of time into planning the fine detail, still managed to make a couple of small errors on the ride though.

  14. Jonas Bower

    Absolutely awesome! What an artist :) must do that as a group ride sometime with a few of us. Well done guys.

  15. Adam Masey (.

    Glad to see you've done it David, absolutely fantastic, massive kudos for doing it over such a distance aswell!

  16. David Taylor

    The original was about 112 miles, then I started adding bits like the hooves and it just kept growing!

  17. David Taylor

    Jonas, good for a group ride, but I really wouldn't want to do it again on a Saturday, some of the roads are really nasty, especially the Marchwood bypass. Sunday would be better.

  18. Sam N.


  19. Paul Matthews

    Hi David, could I request a copy of the Bikehike file? There's a group of us planning to ride The Pony. thanks Paul ( paul at officefitness dot co dot uk

  20. David Taylor

    Paul, I'll look it out in the next few days, it's on my old computer.

  21. Paul Matthews

    Thanks David, sorry to put you to any trouble with the file. We're debating whether to do the ride with or without hooves. I think it has to be hooves myself

  22. David Taylor

    The first versions were just the outline and about 112 miles but then I kept refining the shape to include the hooves and eye to take it up to 140+ miles. If you have the time I agree it looks better with the hooves!

  23. Paul Matthews

    As it's the New Forest a future idea could be a motorist leaning out of the window hurling abuse at a cyclist. That would capture things down here nicely

  24. David Sundheim

    Magnificent! I love that you had a +1... Now that is a good friend.

  25. David Taylor

    The + 1 was my son, Matt. He was going to come on the Big Bike ride, but couldn't make it.

  26. Graeme W.

    Hi David,  I would love to have a go at this - can you possibly let me know the start point etc please - amazing effort!!

  27. David Taylor

    Hi Geordie, I started and finished at the cross roads at Landford/Nomansland for convenience as I live nearby. If you are driving to get here, there's a carpark just up the road opposite the Lamb Inn in Nomansland.

  28. Graeme W.

    Hi David, live in Blandford - and unfortunately not local at all - could you possibly (if not too much hassle) email me directions etc? Sorry to be pain! Thanks so much

  29. David Taylor

    Yes, let me know your email.

  30. Derek M.

    David - Thanks for putting this out there. 3 of us rode it on Saturday http://www.strava.com/activities/311356935 great fun. Used a different start point so got the hilly bit out the way first.

  31. Paul E.

    Hi David, if it's ok with you would like to ride the pony this Friday?, will credit you for the route on strava, already plotted it (will start from Hardley, the tip of the tail)...Paul

  32. David Taylor

    Of course, have fun and let me know when you've done it. Are you doing it solo or a group?

  33. Paul E.

    Solo, lots of bars and a few gels!

  34. David Taylor

    Well, there are plenty of places to stop for a coffee and cake!

  35. Paul E.

    Thanks for the inspiration David, https://www.strava.com/activities/706016134

  36. Oh So Slow

    Hi David,
    I know this was a long time ago now for you but I'm doing this fantastic ride on Saturday. I can't find any strava segment - is there one? Also you mentioned nice places for coffee and cake above - any tips? Thanks Richard

  37. Paul E.

    Brilliant, actually you posted this on my (Paul) ride not David's

  38. Paul E.

    Actually I'm wrong your right doh

  39. Oh So Slow

    Posted on both Paul :)
    Using this as preparation for Revolve 24 :)

  40. David Taylor

    Hi Oh So, sorry Richard, I made the route into a segment starting and finishing in Landford, but several others have started and finished at other places, really just find the most convenient place for you. I have the route in .gpx format if you need it, let me have your email address if so. As for places to stop, Brockenhurst has several good cafes and it is about 80 miles into the ride if you start in Landford. In my experience they are bike friendly and will re-fill water bottles even if you don't actually stop for coffee. If you start somewhere else, I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding suitable stops - you may have to pause your gps and go slightly off the route for some villages though. Have fun on the ride and let me know when you've done it.