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Leadville 100. Hardest thing ever.

  • 104.2mi
  • 11,115ft
  • 8:16:00
    Moving Time
  • 7,791
  • 304
    Relative Effort


  1. Seminole PNW

    Way to go Twinkie!!! You said under 9, and closer to 8. A beast among children you are.

  2. Principal Skinner

    Sickness, bro! Enjoy that well deserved buckle!

  3. Garrick M.

    Wow. I don't have words for it except... BADASS!

  4. Jordan Sher


  5. Kevin Drake

    Mad dope props! Beyond words my friend! Way to put it down and keep it going!

  6. Andrew B.


  7. Harvey Kramer

    incredibly FAST!!!

  8. Mike W.


  9. Shadow M.

    Awesome! That would have been top 10 in my day. The big buckle. You Rock

  10. Kory Mutlu

    Nice job!

  11. Twinkle Fitzgerald

    Thanks for the kind words guys! This shows my moving time but I flatted coming down Columbine and lost 50 positions and 15 minutes. My real time was 8:28 which is still big buckle so I'm still happy. Ended in 198th out of 2500.

  12. Rob Horn


  13. Dan Schrad

    That's a great time! Nice work!

  14. Rob B.

    Manhood confirmed. You sir, are a badass. Congratulations.

  15. Matt DeViney

    Kickass. Congrats sir.

  16. Devin McCune


  17. Peder Horner

    Well done Twink!!

  18. Darryl Shockley

    Big buckle bad ass. Most impressive.

  19. Patrick C.

    this is awesome.

  20. Jimmy C.


  21. Eric B.

    Nice Job!!! Did your hr monitor freeze for 3 hours after Columbine?

  22. Twinkle Fitzgerald

    Yes it worked its way down my chest and started taking the pulse of my belly button, which I guess is zero.

  23. Principal Skinner

    Did you do the 5k today?

  24. Twinkle Fitzgerald

    No way! I think it was a 10k. Aaron Burrows did. I took a nice nap.

  25. Alyssa B.

    Congratulations on a great day! So fun to meet you. Chris Waugh (my other half) said it was great riding with you, too! Team Strava! Keep us posted on you... and we'll be cheering you on from SF!

  26. Alyssa B.

    ps. major photo kudos!!

  27. Larry H.

    major kudos! you da man!!

  28. Twinkle Fitzgerald

    A write up of dubious length and substance has been posted to my blog: http://monovich.com/perpetualthree/?p=1190