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I deserved that broken wheel for riding Alban's ass. Still fun. Try again next year.

  • 104.2mi
  • 11,112ft
  • 6:47:52
    Moving Time
  • 8,131


  1. Jon Mcgee

    Ahhh Ben...Was so bummed when I saw you off the side with the flat. You were flying.

  2. xXx | Joseph Keays | NPBS |

    Incredible work!

  3. The ".

    Awesome BB!

  4. Brett Morrison

    Well done, BBOZ. I was there last week.

  5. Ryan B.

    Congrats man!! Like you said next year! Awesome results with some crazy competition. Sometimes mechanicals get the best of us!

  6. Eddie Polyakov

    Great job, no matter what happened.

  7. Chris McRae

    Nice work man, for a guy so fast on a motorbike you are damn fast on a bicycle too!

  8. Scott Brovsky

    Wow - amazing effort and ride - congrats!

  9. Josh M.

    Great work! Too bad about the mechanical...on the flip side it looks like you got to work on your passing skills.

  10. Colin "Mr. Giant" S.

    great job

  11. Jack N.


  12. Fabrizio M.

    Ciao man! Cheers from Italy, d'you remember 2005 Honda Renegade?

  13. Fabrizio M.

    I would come now! but unluckily I've to work and training to not lose your wheels... hug to you and Nikki!!!