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Living that #KanaalLife

  • 66.4km
  • 112m
  • 2:13:21
    Moving Time
  • 28
    Suffer Score


  1. Craig Lewis

    Good luck next week!

  2. Nick Wynants

    Nice place to ride

  3. Dirk Verleyen

    Hey Taylor, nice to see you on my training roads. Good luck at Eneco !

  4. Theo Gaarenstroom

    Man what are you doing crossing Belgium in 2 data?

  5. Michiel S.
    Michiel S.

    Funny to see you trying both sides and ending up returning ;-) Only the bottom side is rideable the whole way. Just to learn you local language, we call it 'de vaart'.

  6. Christoph M.
    Christoph M.

    damn you were so close to my home. have a great eneco tour

  7. Benjamin D.
    Benjamin D.

    belgian roads !!

  8. Nicolas D'angelo

    Petit joueur moi j'ai déjà fait 120km un jour

  9. Peter Krapels

    Great ride! Did one of your teammates the cormet de rosselend yesterday! If so who was it!

  10. Matthias van der Hallen

    Le Cormet de Rosselend is a beautiful climb!

  11. bruno fartlek

    Nice! 29.9 avg: you're not allowed to ride faster than 30 km/h on the "hunting path" along the canal.

  12. Adrian Shopp

    Do you find it important to train flats each week? I find it a challenge to resist the canyons living in Denver, every time I hop on...

  13. Efraim S.
    Efraim S.

    How's your leg? That was a pretty nasty crash!!

  14. Florian L.
    Florian L.

    When do you come to Plouay (56) for the GP Ouest France on September 1?