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Leadville Trail100 with Strava

  • 104.0mi
  • 12,090ft
  • 11:56:35
    Moving Time
  • 7,415


  1. Tom Paggio

    Wow 12,090 climbing at elevation! Way to go Florida mule!!!!!!!!!

  2. Annie V.
    Annie V.

    Amazing effort, so nice to meet you!

  3. Phil sonoma bike guides

    I really wish we could have connected for a beer. How did it go. I went from doing well to I just need to finish. Hope you had a safe trip all around.

  4. sam sandusky

    Hey Tom, the mule lives!

  5. sam sandusky

    Hey Phil, it was an epic day for me. Great weather, no bike issues, and I felt really strong most of the day - through mile 80. Then Powerline ripped my heart out and stomped it into the ground. I pulled it together at st Kevin's, and finished strong. Having my beer now! Stay in touch. Sam

  6. Phil sonoma bike guides

    That was my exact experience on pace to do sub 10 hrs then made some bad nutrition decisions but came out of it to have a good last 15 miles which felt good because there was a moment that I didn't want to go on. I got pretty sick. Enough of that. Great experience lots of fun and a great accomplishment. May not go unless my brother wants to do it with me. Safe travels. Keep riding !!!

  7. Alyssa B.
    Alyssa B.

    Congratulations on a great day out there - way to dig deep Sam! So great to meet you and Lisa. Look forward to drinks at a tiki hut in Siesta Key in November :)

  8. sam sandusky

    thanks phil & alyssa!

  9. James C.
    James C.

    What an awesome strava entry...

  10. sam sandusky

    Yeah, not sure I'll ever have another ride to top. I should quit now!!!