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Hills. Thank God

Ride October 7, 2016
  • 87.0mi
  • 10,135ft
  • 5:47:53
    Moving Time
  • 3,869
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  1. Pinny B.
    Pinny B.

    Joel Sontag Simcha Bruk try this one day:)

  2. Pinny B.
    Pinny B.

    2nd on Gate Hill full climb:)!! Yitzy Renzoni

  3. Joel Sontag
    Joel Sontag

    lol does next Sunday work? bec we r thinking about it. wanna join? :)

  4. Pinny B.
    Pinny B.

    I have a half marathon in Brooklyn on Sunday-thanks for the invite:) this is Gate Hill x2 Perkins x5 and Bear x3

  5. Yitzy Renzoni
    Yitzy Renzoni

    Pinny Brachfeld correction. Gate hill 3 times.

  6. Pinny B.
    Pinny B.

    I'm sorry! Are we Zwifting Tom night??

  7. Joel Sontag
    Joel Sontag

    good luck Pinny Brachfeld. Tomorrow?

  8. Pinny B.
    Pinny B.

    Next Sunday (Erev Succos) Joel Sontag

  9. Yitzy Renzoni
    Yitzy Renzoni

    Maybe. I need to help build the succah and I have night Seder.

  10. Aaron Spivak
    Aaron Spivak

    Crazy ride!

  11. Moshe Cattan
    Moshe Cattan



  • Joel Sontag
  • Simcha Bruk
  • Pinny Brachfeld
  • Moshe Cattan
  • Daniel Hoff
  • Aaron Spivak
  • Reuven Karman
  • Shloimie M