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IM Kona! Proud 16th in the freaking World! Hardest thing I've ever done hands down.

Run October 8, 2016
  • 25.9mi
  • 2:57:11
    Moving Time
  • 6:50/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 8,886
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  1. Brigitte Bradford

    Awesome race! It was fun seeing you out there. Congrats. Time for some picky pars and piña coladas?!

  2. Tyler T.

    Great race Jesse!


    Awesome job Jesse!!!

  4. Laurent W.

    Awesome race Jesse! Inspiring.

  5. Ben Y.

    Great job Jesse. All of UCLA triathlon was rooting for you today!!

  6. Ryan S.

    Good Work Jesse!

  7. Ed Z.

    Great race Jesse, inspirational you are.

  8. Eric E.

    Incredible showing!!!

  9. Dennis A.

    Way to go!

  10. Ricardo Cuevas

    Awesome work man..

  11. Steve Bailey


  12. Matt Storr

    Great race!! We were rooting for you man!!

  13. Eric Steimer

    Best part is you get to eat your way out of a 8k calorie deficit

  14. Craig Parsons

    Awesome Jesse it was great to see you run down the finishing chute.

  15. Jason K.

    Great race Jesse, loads of support for you here in Wales.

  16. Neil Griffiths

    You are a Beast! In the World top 20... brilliant.

  17. Jason Trueman


  18. Philipp Zlatkovic

    well done

  19. Keith Ranly

    Awesome job. I don't know how you guys do it.

  20. Allison Ciosek K.

    Fantastic race!

  21. Strava A.


  22. Greg Hanrahan

    Awesome job!

  23. Tommy Nunley

    Great work! Awesome debut!

  24. Enrico B.

    good job Jessie!!!

  25. Lauren McKinney

    Compete-Complete ; Congrats!

  26. Arunaabh Shah 🇮🇳

    Congratulations Jesse! :)

  27. Scott L.

    Next year, King of Kona!!

  28. Jeff Phelps

    Great job!

  29. David Grasshopper Jones

    Awesome race! Congrats

  30. Michael M.

    I cannot even begin to imagine the levels of fitness and pain. You are part of a different breed

  31. Mo A.

    Nicely done Jesse, congratulations!

  32. Matt Addessi

    Congrats Jesse! Solid day

  33. Capt Justin James W.


  34. Brian F.

    Congratulations, Jesse!!

  35. Laura C.

    Amazing!!!! Loved watching live.

  36. Don G.

    zombie bieber power

  37. L. D.

    great job Jesse!!!!!!

  38. Ronaldo Konatu

    Show! Parabens!!!

  39. Andrew Jardine


  40. Stephen North


  41. Sam Chi [Speed Hound]

    Congrats Jesse on your first kona! 6:50 is an amazing pace!

  42. Dave D.

    Proud of you. You put a LOT of time and effort into this.

  43. Chris L.

    Proud of you Jesse!!!

  44. Philip C.

    Making Oregonians proud everywhere?

  45. Kiko V.

    Congrats, Jesse!!!

  46. Ronell K.

    Congratulations! Inspiring!!

  47. Ron Cheechov

    Well done Jesse! Way to represent Oregon!