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Yorkshire Marathon - www.wozzy.co.uk

Run October 9, 2016
  • 26.2mi
  • 4:38:30
    Moving Time
  • 10:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,388
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  1. Derek Davis

    Very impressive time for your first marathon wozzy, so very well done!!!

  2. Matthew Laidler

    Well done Rich, great effort.

  3. Neil E.

    Congrats, great time. hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Thanks all! Must admit I died around 18 miles - just kept thinking "I need to get on that bike!". Added 10miles on route home to avoid some hills too!

  5. Gordon B.

    Awesome mate - well done!

  6. Nicky B.

    Well done... You're crazy to bike it after that mind haha!!!

  7. Phu L.

    Massive effort rich. Well done esp with the bike too. At least you dont have to do a warm down.

  8. Adrian H.

    Dang, you were almost spot on for 4 hours at 30k, but the wheels seemed to come off at 32k... :) well done

  9. Caroline McCourt

    Amazing stuff, well done

  10. Chris Beaven

    Great job mate. Sorry didn't see you. A lot of people suffered post 20 miles...