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Tokeneke Classic Road Race Cat 4 U35, FIRST PLACE!!!

  • 44.3mi
  • 4,088ft
  • 2:05:58
    Moving Time
  • 1,898


  1. Eric L.
    Eric Landi

    Nice job !

  2. Chris Morris E.
  3. Sammy B.
    Sammy B.


  4. /:Gibertoni/: :.
    :::GIBERTONI::: :c

    Congrats! Great racing this weekend!

  5. Simon L.
    Simon L.

    wooooah rippin time up North Hollow Rd

  6. Rory D.
  7. Tj J.
    Tj J.

    Huge result, nice to see all the hard work pay off!

  8. Matt Waz  E.
    Matt Waz E.

    What a weekend!

  9. The Hyena   Team Errace P.
    The Hyena Team Errace P.

    Thanks everyone! and i can't believe that North Hollow time Simon. I never could have made a move like that on my own, that guy I followed up the hill really made me work to keep on his wheel!

  10. Rory D.
    Rory Derwin www.ERRACE.org

    Dude! Just noticed that segment. Killed it!!

  11. Tracie  P.
    Tracie Preli-Derwin

    Congrats! What a weekend:)

  12. Erik N.
    Erik Nilsson

    Good jop man, especially a day after that crit. Nice weekend!

  13. John M.
    John Meerse

    Great weekend, Ralph! Care for a ride this week?

  14. The Hyena   Team Errace P.
    The Hyena Team Errace P.

    Definitely John, how about Wednesday or Thursday?

  15. John M.
    John Meerse

    Wednesday works - why don't you email me and we'll work out details - jmeerse@gmail.com