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Yorkshire Marathon 2016

Run October 9, 2016
  • 26.2mi
  • 3:03:06
    Moving Time
  • 6:59/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,880
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  1. huw jones

    Great run and great pacing Andy. Shocking medal though!!!

  2. Andy Yu

    Thanks Huw. It's a bit garish, isn't it? Last year's with the Yorkshire Rose was much nicer. Just wished I could have held it together in mile 24 to have nabbed a negative split run.

  3. Mark Amos

    Great effort Andy! Is that a pb?

  4. huw jones

    My three brushes with the distance have shown its a brutal one to master.

  5. Andy Yu

    Thanks Mark, and indeed a PB by almost 31 minutes!

  6. Mark Amos

    Wow - smashed it then - sub 3hrs definitely on the cards based upon you're 5k time

  7. David S.

    Great pacing and a great time!

  8. Shaun Hemmings

    Good time, Andy. Nice and steady, comfortably within the Good for Age bracket (assuming they don't decrease it for 2018).

  9. Simon Newman

    Perfect splits ! It would be hard to get a 10k accurate as that, well done Andy.

  10. Andy Yu

    Thank you gents! Decided very early on that I didn't have the balls to attempt sub-3. So very glad I saw sense because I wasn't passed at all in the final 6 miles. Shaun: I'm confident London will drop GFA to sub-3; they've stuck with 3:05 or better since 2013, so long overdue!

  11. Paul Harris

    Great effort Andy! - Perfect pacing. Anyone would think you had trained for it!! :-)

  12. Charles Rodmell

    Hey Andy, looks like a well thought out race. Great job!

  13. Charlie Williams

    Congrats Andy! Loving the massive sprint finish after all those miles!

  14. Barry F.

    Well done Andy, smashing effort!!

  15. Peter Thornton

    Just read your blog. A great write up. I'm going to do this race in 2018