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Paul Buckley

Chester, UK, United Kingdom
  • 14
    Activities in 2019
  • 747.7
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 502

Seemed a good idea!!

Ride October 21, 2016
  • 322.3mi
  • 13,999ft
  • 21:20:13
    Moving Time
  • 10,412
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  1. Harald Legner
    Harald Legner

    Definitely! Nice ride. :-)

  2. Nick Silva (Thames velo)
    Nick Silva (Thames velo)

    My god i thought i had seen it all. You must ache. Welldone mate.

  3. Mike  shine
    Mike shine

    They are all good ideas. I bow before you

  4. Stu Thorn
    Stu Thorn

    Kudos doesn't seem enough somehow Paul - Epic would be more suitable.

  5. Rusty Olsen
  6. Sally Davis
    Sally Davis

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

  7. Steve  Fell
    Steve Fell

    Jesus Paul! :))

  8. Andrew M.
    Andrew M.

    I'm just looking into how I get you 'sectioned'. :-)

  9. J P.
    J P.

    That's one serious ride at this time of year, smashed the 300 in a day in style, great form

  10. Paul Buckley
    Paul Buckley

    OK the story...left home at midnight, aim to hit the 300miles in 24hrs. Purposely only had 90mins sleep before hand. If your going to do it you may as well make it a test. Made good time to Cirencester, got there a little after 4.00am. Layered down then into the Cotswolds. Yet to have a good experience here, April last year was hit by a snow storm. This time it was thick fog, could hardly see anything. Temperature was just above freezing with the odd shower. Took it easy, it was a long walk if any shit happened here. Finally dropped down onto the flatlands and layered up, I was cold. By about 9.00am temperature was at 8 degrees so layer down. First quick stop somewhere around Solihull, petrol station. Once heading south I picked up a bit of a tail wind but was carrying a slight twinge in the right knee. Still had well over 100 miles to go. Ended up taking 6 Ibrucalm to stop it crying. In hind sight I was wearing the wrong shoes. I hadn't tested these over such a long distance. Third petrol station stop was just outside Cirencester on the return. That was around 5.00pm with around 40 miles for the 300miles and 60 miles to get home. This time I fed on 8 energy bars, one chicken sandwich, 3 packets of Jaffa cakes and 8 bottles of Frijj milk shakes, drinking one when stopped and carrying another. I also drank 3 x 850mm bottles of 4:1 Carb mix. Once passed the 300miles I just cruised home arriving around 10.30pm. All in a days work!


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