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Devil Mountain Double 2012

  • 210.1mi
  • 18,759ft
  • 12:50:43
    Moving Time
  • 10,302
  • 479
    Suffer Score


  1. Adam B.
    Adam B.

    excellent riding Chris!

  2. Jason N.
    Jason N.

    Suffer score: 479: Epic! Great ride Chris! I love all of the PRs for the segments. You killed it.

  3. Chris O.
    Chris O'Keefe

    Tx Guys. I only had 21 minutes off the bike which was nice. I almost held top group to top of Diablo, maybe 30 seconds down, but no way could I catch back on. So it was mainly a solo TT all the way to Sunol as I scoped up the 5 AM guys. Got a great tow after Sunol to Palomores and some good pacing with a couple of guys. That was welcome. Happy with 13:13, but will of course want to drop 14 minutes next time ;)

  4. Chris A.
    Chris Aleksunas

    Great Job!! Thanks for pulling me along for a bit out there.

  5. Jason M.
    Jason Milliron


  6. Manuel E.
    Manuel E

    Awesome riding!

  7. Marco P.
    Marco Palmeri

    Wow! Awesome ride

  8. Alan B.
    Alan Bickett

    Great ride! Excellent power throughout.

  9. Alan N.
    Alan Nevin

    thank you for the kudos

  10. Steve L.
    Steve LaMachine

    You suprized me a little. How do I get that fast? Maybe I need a heavy backpack to train up hills with.

  11. Jeff G.
    Jeff Gould

    Great jon and nice riding with you from Sunol! Can you teach me how to be that efficient at rest stops? I had 1:20 off the bike (need to eat)!!!!!

  12. Jason M.
    Jason Milliron

    Very good avg power. And look at all them damn PRs. You weren't messing around on the climb up Diablo.

  13. Jeff G.
    Jeff Gould

    BTW, what is that 1200 calorie stuff you put in your bottles to not stop until lunch? Jet fuel ;)

  14. Chris O.
    Chris O'Keefe

    2 to 1 Bulk MaltoDextrin to Fructose. You can get it online and its pennies on the dollar to commercial stuff. 1200 calories in a 32 ounce bottle will last you 3.5 hours. I calculated 2 bottles to the Junction and it worked perfect. After that I just grabbed whatever I could find bars, coke, anything.