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08/17/2013 Cool Breeze Double Metric

  • 127.6mi
  • 7,300ft
  • 7:46:37
    Moving Time
  • 5,606


  1. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    After doing the Grand Tour (almost the same course but with 75 extra miles) I was able to attack the climbs today 30 PR's!

  2. John K N.
    John K Nguyen

    You are a *climbing machine* Loren

  3. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    Any idea what happened, there were three OCRR one had crashed about a mile from the finish yesterday?

  4. John K N.
    John K Nguyen

    Not actually *Crashed* Loren more like severe cramping. That was me on the bike path in pain as both my legs just buckled. I couldn't get up. Every time i elevated either one of my legs, the cramping started. I was sitting on the bike path for 40 minutes before I was able to get up and walk the final mile to the finish line. This was the most severe cramping episode that I have ever experienced in my cycling career

  5. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    Oh sorry to hear that, for some reason the guy looked whiter. I got a brief instance of cramping around mile 70 but it went a away with a quick stretch.

  6. John K N.
    John K Nguyen

    I looked whiter because all the blood rushed out my head :o)