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Leadville Trail 100

  • 98.1mi
  • 16,365ft
  • 16:30:12
    Moving Time
  • 10:06/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 14,155


  1. Liz Grec

    Loved following you via irunfar. Awesome work!

  2. Irv .

    What a great performance! Inspiring stuff - and great coverage from Bryon on iRunFar.

  3. Jojo Reuland

    Incredible- congratulations!

  4. John Knotts

    Nice work!

  5. Peter D.

    Congrats, Ian!

  6. Jeremy Finke


  7. Jack Ryon

    Amazing effort!

  8. Bj M.

    Congrats Ian, an impressive effort and win. Enjoy the rewards!

  9. Eric S.


  10. Paul B.

    Amazing! Congratulations on the win!

  11. Alex Filipkowski

    Thanks for recording and posting this! Psyched to take a look at it! And CONGRATS!

  12. Andrew P.

    Congratulations! What a race!

  13. Thomas Collignon

    Congratulations - nice win for the Slam!

  14. Alyssa B.


  15. Jono Mervis

    Awe inspiring run. Congratulations on an incredible win.

  16. Bryan Morton

    Impressive, Ian! Recover fast and enjoy Wasatch...it's a pretty race.

  17. Warren Kidgell

    You are my inspiration. With Comrades as my passion I always think of your amazing 2010 run but to see you win Leadville is truly amazing! Hope to see you out in SA again one day to get that gold medal you have in you.

  18. Mark D.

    Congrats Ian! I think it was the runs in Durango that made the difference.

  19. Seth Acton


  20. Lorblanchet Thomas GLR

    Well done Ian, wonderful race !!!

  21. Daniel R.

    Well done! A master class in pacing and 100 miler racing.

  22. Craig C.

    Well done Ian - British pride mate, great running. Good Luck for the next one! We'll be rooting for you.

  23. Craig C.

    Just Wasatch to go!

  24. Mike Wells

    Amazing performance. Followed it on irunfar and couldn't believe what I was reading - this shows it was all true - massively inspiring stuff!

  25. ryan ness

    FTW!!! You da man!!! Nice job, I'm inspired!!! I'm glad you're using Strava to share the info!

  26. Justus Stull

    Just Awesome!

  27. Seth L.

    Incredible work, Ian!

  28. Gary Chavez

    Incredible performance...so impressive!

  29. Thomas Orf

    Look at the mile intervals. Seeing the finish time is impressive, but being able to see each mile times, wow! An elite performance from an Elite!

  30. Joshua Holmes

    Congrats. Champ again! #runitfast

  31. Steve Farnell

    Congrats Ian

  32. James Stewart

    Awesome, just awesome.