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Joe Kopena

Philadelphia, PA
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08/17/2013 Coup de Cascades: Awesome First Half

Ride August 17, 2013
  • 194.7mi
  • 12,601ft
  • 11:23:42
    Moving Time
  • 8,725
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  1. Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy

    In my home turf. Very nice.

  2. Joe Kopena
    Joe Kopena

    Yeah, I've never ridden in this area before. A lot of this was really gorgeous. The only part I really disliked was going eastbound on 2, the approach and especially descent from Stevens were super dangerous with all the traffic.

  3. Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy

    Wasn't riding yet growing up, but I've driven the pass several times. That's some monster mileage you're doing. Ever thought about the ADK 540?

  4. Joe Kopena
    Joe Kopena

    I was actually planning on doing it next month, but I have some disc & nerve injuries from MTBing earlier this summer that I can't bull through beyond about 250 miles. Everything's kind of on hold now until I figure that out.

  5. Hanky Pokenstuf
    Hanky Pokenstuf

    Dude, you're an animal. You would have smoked Dave and I. You passed me on I-82 like I was standing still. Sorry the injury caught up to you.

  6. Joe Kopena
    Joe Kopena

    Travis, great to hear from you! Totally awesome ride man. My crew & I were incredibly impressed, you were just spinnin' away at it each time we saw you, hour after hour after hour.

  7. Hanky Pokenstuf
    Hanky Pokenstuf

    You shot past me in the dark and I said to my crew "Where'd he go??!" Really hope you heal up. What's next on your horizon?

  8. Joe Kopena
    Joe Kopena

    I'm not sure. Have to take a while mostly off and see if I can heal my back.

    Hopefully we'll be back out here for this race next summer though!

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