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Post Napa Ride- Sweating Wine Climbfest with the climb master Jay!

  • 73.2mi
  • 5,113ft
  • 4:44:16
    Moving Time
  • 2,267


  1. Bob C.
    Bob C.

    Nice job, Joy Kitty!

  2. Jerry H.
    Jerry H.

    You and jay knocked this one out of the park! Congrats on ALL the PRs! Impressive (but not unexpected :)!

  3. Joy D.
    Joy D.

    Haha, Thanks Jerry! We were trying to stay in Jay's 240 Watts for climbing! Jay took us to Napa yesterday and we drank EVERYTHING! I took a 6 hour nap plus I still slept 8 hours last night! The first climb up OLH was bad. We were sweating like pigs but somehow made it up. It was probably good it was just me and Jay since we smelled kinda strange! Tunitas wasn't bad. We ended up taking two breaks for Jay to take off some of his layers and he also needed to take a Bob stop! It was actually a miracle there were some PRs! :0) But honestly, the fun and experience made Napa so worth it even though we paid the price today!

  4. Steve B.
    Steve B.

    Nice work Joy and good to see that you were keeping Bob in line since he bailed on coming down south with us:)

  5. Joy D.
    Joy D.

    haha, Steve! Bob was bad and bailed! Let's make him hurt this weekend for bailing!!! Make the ride a sufferfest!!!

  6. Neal H.
    Neal H.

    Did you really sweat wine? Red or white?

  7. Joy D.
    Joy D.

    It was more port like like since the red wine had basically aged in my body overnight! I ended up riding Tunitas around 8 minutes faster than the time I rode with You, Jay, and Adam a month ago! The cool thing was we even stopped twice and we held back going all out! We will have to ride Tunitas together soon!


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