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IAU Ultra Trail World Championships 2016. Watch died with ~10 miles to go. Which is good cuz I walked most of them.

  • 42.8mi
  • 15,456ft
  • 7:38:32
    Moving Time
  • 11:28/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,638


  1. Charlie Potts

    I call BS. Your watch is still on! :)
    Huge effort out there. Easily eclipsing the amount of vert most people get in a month. You did USA proud!

  2. Jonas Oppedal

    Holy vert Varn! Recovery beers when you return.

  3. Chris Douglas

    Mile 42 looked fun!

  4. Saurabh Bhasin

    MAN! Nice work

  5. Nate Bowen


  6. John Zulim


  7. Damian C.

    Great effort pal

  8. Jamey G.

    Wow I'm tired just looking at that (minus the 10 miles).

  9. B B

    Well done, Alex.

  10. Samir S.

    Congrats on hilloween!

  11. Vitor Rodrigues

    You still got a CR?!? Dam, your slow is everyone else's flying speed.

  12. Paddy O'Leary

    Spying on your Hilloween work!!!

  13. Alex Varner

    Paddy O'Leary if my watch hadn't died, I would have won but more of my walking would have been recorded so I guess it's ok 😂😂