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Auckland half marathon-4th

  • 21.1km
  • 1:25:08
    Moving Time
  • 4:01/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,514


  1. James G.

    your pace is amazing! What an incredible run. Nice one Amanda!

  2. Hinano A.

    Great run Banana

  3. Yuliya Bozhko

    Awesome run, Amanda! You are a star ⭐️

  4. Andrew K.

    Congrats. Great pace

  5. Emma J.


  6. Nick Whalley


  7. Tash P.

    Yaaaaaay!!! Congrats!

  8. Brent R.

    Yaaaaaaas! Great stuff Amanda Broughton that's a new pair of shoes!

  9. Nick Horspool

    Nice run amanda!!

  10. Karl Yager

    Awesome run!

  11. Rachael Cunningham

    That's an incredible run Amanda. Huge congrats!

  12. Lauren Milstead

    Holy shit

  13. Matt D.

    Nice one! :)

  14. Elspeth K.

    Woohoo! Congrats!

  15. Matthew Bonner

    Nice work!

  16. Charlotte G.

    Oh ma gawd, you're incred

  17. Will B.

    Much impress. Very wow! Great job!

  18. Jason Reid

    It is great watching your improvement in times, you are running so strong well done! are you doing Tarawera Ultra next year?

  19. Amanda Broughton

    Oh thanks guys! My thighs have no skin on them now but I'm happy otherwise

  20. Sarah Lee

    Huge congratulations! So strong and fast! Love the lippy too

  21. Polly N.

    Were you riding a bike? Smokin!

  22. Anna McRae

    Fabulous run and great to see you, hope those thighs feel better soon

  23. Matt Jacob

    Daaaammmmmnnnnn gguuurrrrrl! Super consistent. Nice one!

  24. Victoria Apablaza Mena

    Just a perfect pace Amanda! Well done!

  25. Brendan O'Ceallaigh

    Incredible effort. Well done speedy!

  26. Tanja I.

    Great lipstick