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Auf wiedersehen...

  • 108.3km
  • 2,048m
  • 3:31:29
    Moving Time
  • 3,055


  1. Jeremy D.
    Jeremy D.

    I guess that rose only made you faster

  2. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    A couple of nice efforts on the day of my departure. Lost several seconds on WOLH toward the top as there was a fire truck in the middle of the road. Oh well.

    Farewell until next time my friends. Be seeing you!

  3. Rob M.
    Rob M.

    a bunch of nice climbs with some pretty good efforts in that loop. you'll have to give purisima a try when you return.

  4. Chris H.
    Chris H.


  5. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    Cheers Rob. The old steel beast acquitted itself rather well as I hauled it up the hills today. For whatever reason, I didn't feel the extra weight today.

    I'd like to try Purisima next time. Perhaps we can ride it together...

  6. Keith B.
    Keith Buckingham

    Bon voyage Chris. Safe trip home.

  7. G ™.
    G ™


  8. Jim W.
    Jim W.

    So long Chris! See you next time.

  9. Adriano C.
    Adriano Castro

    Safe travels. Say hi to London for me.

  10. Alejandro V.
    Alejandro Villarreal

    Safe journey home, Chris! It was great riding with you while you were here. Until next time :)

  11. Dan V.
    Dan V.

    Sate travels CZ.