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08/27/2013 Berkeley, CA

  • 6.6mi
  • 46:13
    Moving Time
  • 6:58/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 971


  1. Deniz W.
    Deniz W.

    wow.. that pace..

  2. Carl Nielson

    That's a fast run, Nate. You sure it wasn't on a bike? Looks like your recovery is progressing well.

  3. Nathaniel English

    Yeah, it's nice I can run a bit. My shoulder is still sore and doesn't have full range of motion yet, but it's fine for running. I did get a bit sore overnight, so I'm feeling it now, but hopefully I can get over it and run some more this off-season. I really love it and it's great cross-training for biking... I'm not that fast right now. I'll have to work on it. :)

  4. Richard W.
    Richard W.

    Your injured run = my flat out healthy run