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JFK 50 Mile - 3rd Place - 5:56:01

  • 50.9mi
  • 3,445ft
  • 5:55:37
    Moving Time
  • 7:00/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,075


  1. Gordon G.
    Gordon Gifford

    Great Race MAN!!! Way to represent OVRC!! Robert and Coop crushed it too...way to go guys!

  2. Joe S.
    Joe Stewart

    Nice job Mike!!

  3. Jeff V.
    Jeff V.

    Awesome Mike! Congrats!

  4. Paul B.
    Paul Barte

    Congrats! Very impressive.

  5. Daun L.
    Daun Lutes

    Very nice! Congrats

  6. Rudy R.
    Rudy R.


  7. Laura H.
    Laura Hibbard

    Wow! Great job!!!

  8. Dylan G.
    Dylan G.

    You are an inspiration. Congratulations.

  9. Matt K.
    Matt K.

    Has to be one of your best races yet great race !!

  10. Jason P.
    Jason P.

    Impressive! Congrats!!

  11. Chip R.
    chip rice

    Congrats Michael. So happy to see you doing so well!

  12. Natalee G.
    Natalee Gooden Burkard

    Wow!! Congrats!

  13. Jonathan B.
    Jonathan Bernard

    Nice work!

  14. Rip V.
    Rip Vanracer

    Fantastic race!

  15. Eric D.
    Eric Dowler


  16. Chad B.
    Chad Bowen

    Awesome race! Sub-6 is crazy impressive.

  17. The E.
    The EnthusiGator

    Incredible. Congrats.

  18. Matthew V.
    Matthew V.

    Well done Michael!

  19. Chris S.
    chris schwirian

    Impressive run! Congratulations!

  20. Steven R.
    Steven Rodgers

    Amazing job! Congrats!