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Katy Trail Experience with a great group of men and Kelly Skinner, Support Extraordinaire!!

  • 244.4mi
  • 2,034ft
  • 13:13:47
    Moving Time
  • 12,025


  1. josiah dermyer


  2. Zach P.

    Boom. Have fun? How did the wind treat ya?

  3. Mr. K ~ Dirty Dog Race Pack

    I was actually expecting a better tailwind. Kind of a swirling wind, especially around the bluffs. They had a section of the trail closed just outside Sedalia. We had to go around 4 closed gates, which slowed us down. Something about a lease. Also a friend crashed at mile 16, which threw a wrench in the works.

  4. Scott Reed - Team Velo+

    Awesome. Great job!

  5. Steve Hudson

    Wow! Great ride!!

  6. Jay J.

    You make my little strava activities look dismal

  7. Jay J.

    Great ride!


    Joe lets do http://bike-transalp.de/en/route/route-information/ !!

  9. Mark Vegan Hall

    Simply WOW!!!

  10. Randy DeHart


  11. Jason Bruce - 3 Feet Cycling pb Foody's

    Damn brother! That is incredible.

  12. Tim Herre

    You didn't wait for me?!

  13. Janet F.

    You simply impressive me when it comes to your bike riding skills. Very nice!

  14. Mr. K ~ Dirty Dog Race Pack

    Tim, there's always next time! I wasn't waiting around for cyclocross to end!

  15. Mr. K ~ Dirty Dog Race Pack

    Thanks everyone for the comments. It was a team effort all the way around!

  16. Shane Jones

    Pretty decent ride I guess.

  17. Mr. K ~ Dirty Dog Race Pack

    I'm a little disappointed in myself, Shane, so I'm going farther in December.