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  • 146
  • 1,064.0
    miles Run
  • 218

2016 Philadelphia Marathon; windy city

Run November 20, 2016
  • 26.3mi
  • 2:59:23
    Moving Time
  • 6:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,401
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  1. Christian Lautenschleger

    Windy. As. Fuck.

  2. Chiara Gelinas

    Nice!!! And a solid BQ!

  3. Christian Lautenschleger

    Yes. Thanks! The wind probably cost me 4-5 minutes. I think I could have done 6:40 or better without it.

  4. Maria Hybinette

    Wow that is awesome congrats!!!

  5. The EnthusiGator 🐊

    Nice job. That wind was something!!!!!

  6. Shane Man

    Congrats on the sub 3!

  7. Christian Lautenschleger

    Thanks, guys! ~20 mph wind with gusts twice that. Other than that, perfect weather. Haha.

  8. Alen Babakhani

    Great job man! Did you neg split?

  9. Christian Lautenschleger

    Doubt it. I felt great on the out and back, but those 7s were into the teeth of the wind. It was well executed and I wish I had a better time to support that, but for myself I'm very pleased. I'll be in the low 2:40s with 4-5 months of solid training.

  10. Brendan O.

    Congratulations Man you're part of the sub hub fucking A !!!!!

  11. Christian Lautenschleger

    Yeah, I was sooo close to your prediction ;)

  12. Justin McLamb (@mjmclamb)

    Congrats on a great race!

  13. Cory Sager

    Congrats on sub 3!

  14. pat woodford

    Solid run man!!

  15. Jlynn ..

    Dude!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  16. Aaron Quiroz

    Good stuff Christian. I know what you mean about the out and back with the wind having ran in two years ago. Don't beat yourself up too much. A PB and sub 3. Can't ever complain about that.

  17. Melanie Kopp #iracelikeagirl

    Wow!! Congrats! That's an amazing time in ideal conditions. With wind....unbelievable!

  18. Matt C.

    Way to crush it! Bam! Done...

  19. Eileen A.

    Incredible run and in those conditions! Congratulations!!

  20. Marcos Ortega

    Wao, super race, congrats!!!!!

  21. Dean Tuinstra

    This was just an incredible race. If we get good weather and no wind at Abilene, you could podium, and it is a money race. You are definitely finding your groove, and making it work! And congratulations on a slam dunk BQ!

  22. Gareth Bancroft

    Amazing - BOOM!!

  23. Christian Lautenschleger

    Thanks, everyone! I can't wait to eat food and crash. I only had two gels and a little water today.

  24. Christian Lautenschleger

    Dean Tuinstra That's the plan ;)

  25. Alan S.

    wow sub 3! great race Christian!

  26. Christian Lautenschleger

    Thanks, Alan! And, I added some photos.

  27. Andrea M.

    Really great race! Congrats!