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Nils Oudejans

Huldenberg, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
  • 183
    Activities in 2018
  • 11,294.5
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 660

Nice tile ride on ugly roads (Vlaamse fietspaden....);o)

Ride November 26, 2016
  • 121.2km
  • 244m
  • 4:20:28
    Moving Time
  • 2,765
  • 61
    Relative Effort
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  1. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    I like the photo of the "ride planning". I've been thinking of asking Ben to add an option for displaying the tile grid on the Explorer base map. Would make it so much easier to plan routes.

  2. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    he came with that feature a week ago;o)

  3. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Its a add in for chrome

  4. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    here is the plugin, it makes live easier;o) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/veloviewer-strava-plugin/kdgpnlmocdpeckamipkkdblnfcpkgbno

  5. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    Nils THANK YOU, dank je, merci.

  6. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    No no, thanks Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com ;o)

  7. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Wow that's awesome, thanks Eric, Nils and Ben.

  8. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    .. now I just need to figure out a way to know if the roads on a map are road bike-rideable roads... currently I use the Google Street Car rule... if it can get there so can I!

  9. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Well Pete Bartlett see photos of todays ride. Road bikes go pretty far. and otherwise its a good reason to go back with a different bike;o)

  10. Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com
    Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

    I'm half way towards getting it to display completed tiles in that view. Busy week ahead though so not sure when it'll go live.

  11. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Well dont make it to easy kind of kills the romance and excititement of tiling;o)

  12. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    Thanks Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com for taking over my cycling life! "Tile chasing" has added a new dimension and motivation to my ride planning. To keep up with the Belgians Nils Oudejans and Dominique - RS&CCT and the English such as Pete Bartlett I've had to carry my bike through swamps, hike shorelines at low tide, kayak across estuaries, not to mention skiing and hiking otherwise inaccessible areas. I've attempted to enter military installations, only to be turned away at gunpoint! Currently hoping for a cold winter so I can ride across a frozen lake on my studded fatbike...Pete Bartlett I use several tools to assess what might be passable on a bike, including Strava global heat map, satellite views, and multiple base maps. I'm getting better at it, but I still get surprised some times.

  13. steve melvin
    steve melvin

    Crikey Eric Nichols, I thought humping the bike over barbed wire fences, hiking up footpaths and fording rivers was advanced level tiling, nothing at gun point yet!

  14. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Ha, my wife thought I was mad squeezing up against the edge of a high security oil refinery trying to make sure i "squared". So pleased to know I'm not the only one!

    Perhaps not surprising those who've made the best fist of so far are from high density areas like Belgium and south east England. Much respect to Eric - America gets very rural quickly even in the northeast!

    Maybe one day we'll all meet up for a tile-gathering jamboree :)

  15. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    The weird and unexpected make those tiling rides so much fun to do. Nuclear power plants, harbors, airports, fields etc etc make it worthwhile. Just the dog attacks scare the sh*t out of me. And yes we are lucky we live not close to the sea and have land in all directions. But I’m also stuck now in 2 directions because of water (North) and 2 military basis (Norst East and North West), but still room for expansion towards the West and Southwards into France. But for sure not so rural as th USA that’s for sure.

  16. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    I have been amazed to have covered as much of the northeast US (New England) as I have. It is rural, but it is rare to find a square mile without some kind of road or trail. Sometimes it is just a thin spot in the forest! I encountered four bears on a ride this summer. But yes dogs are the more frequent hazard! My square is currently against the ocean on the east and south, a large lake on the north, and a military base on the west. Although I'm stuck for now, I continue working on areas beyond the lake and military base, in anticipation of getting those tiles eventually. I've contacted the military base, and the Director of Recreation is sympathetic to my quest, especially once he heard that I was only American in the top ten!

  17. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Love this dedication! Good luck getting on the base but be careful about taking photos to share with us :)

    Funnily enough the biggest blocker I have right now is the private estate of the Getty Family (north edge of my square). Although American, John Paul Getty was a well-known Anglophile so hopefully I will get a similar level of sympathy!

  18. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    BTW Nils you will need to make one more trip to Vrasene before you are done there! Too bad you missed one, I guess only Dominique can be happy about that.

  19. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    yes I know, and as you can see I really didn't like this part of Belgium, but I need to go back;o)

  20. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Ps Eric Nichols, you live a bit further south so to make it even haeder for you your tiles are a little bit bigger than for us living in belgium and the uk.....

  21. Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com
    Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

    I've just updated my Strava Chrome Extension (V1.3). It now:

    1. Displays explorer squares at most zoom levels (not zoomed right out).
    2. Works for all map options
    3. Shades completed tiles (requires a visit to your Summary page to populate the necessary data)

    Let me know what if it works OK for you all.

  22. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com that is nothing short of brilliant! It works perfectly. I like your color choice for completed tiles, it has good contrast with the OSM basemap.

  23. Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com
    Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

    Cool. Struggled to make it show up that well against the satellite imagery but if you can just about see it.

  24. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    I've updated all segments and I visited summary page, in Strava however nothing changed. Do I need to do anything on top? I take I do not have re-install the veloviewer plug in, that updates itself doesn't it?

  25. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    mwaaahh, of course I had to restart Chrome itself, super Cool Ben, thanks!

  26. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    This is brilliant ... but Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com you know the reward for a job well done is yet another job? Would it be feasible to show the blue "max square" in this view too?

  27. Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com
    Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

    You should just be able to head to chrome://extensions/ and press the update button near the top rather than restarting. I knew someone would ask for the max square! Maybe tomorrow if I've time. I've got a bit of an exciting trip coming up Wed/Thurs so not got much time to spare.

  28. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Well now you have to already share details of your exiting trip with us;o)

  29. Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com
    Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

    Keep an eye on my social media channels!

  30. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    haha Ben, you've gotten commercial very fast, now already working with teasers;o)

  31. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Hey Eric Nichols it looks like Ben was as wowed as the rest of us with your tales of swamps and gun-toting guards.... check out the latest blog on VeloViewer

  32. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    Thanks Pete Bartlett and Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com! Trying my best to cling to a top-ten ranking. Huge respect for Dominique - RS&CCT Nils Oudejans steve melvin, Phill C and you for continuing to raise the bar!

  33. Jeremy L.
    Jeremy L.

    I just thought I'd say Kudos to you guys up there on the leaderboard. Impressive stuff.
    Though the Max square idea means for the first time I'm positive about the fact that I now live about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK, after growing up on the seafront. Amusingly I only have to ride 3x1km to up my current square from 11 to 14. Hitting 20 will take a handful of more interesting rides and the extra 4 to hit the top twenty quite a lot more 'work'.
    Being a MTBer who likes exploring means you tend to have ridden locally more thoroughly than just by road riding. Though I will have to redo many rides because loads of rides predate Strava, many by a decade or two. :D

  34. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for leaving a message, and when it comes to max-squaring it indeed is a big advantage living not close to the sea;o)

  35. Jeremy L.
    Jeremy L.

    As is living somewhere where you don't climb 500m for every 25km ridden as you do here in Sheffield/Peak District. ;)
    My hill-phobic girlfriend would much rather cycle in your neck of the woods.

  36. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    the Belgium sqaure has everything flat, 500m+ per 25 km, forest, fields, cities etc etc, that's what makes it so fun to do;o)

  37. Phill C.
    Phill C.

    Hi Guys. Great thread... Question, I'm stuck with a square on the River Thames. All my squares so far have been on land and on the bike. Question, Is a Kayak allowed 8-)

  38. Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    Yes any legitimate Strava activity is allowed, which is anything self-powered: kayaking, canoeing, walking on water, etc.

  39. Phill C.
    Phill C.

    Ha - Thanks Pete. I'm still practicing with the walking on water, I've got a long way togo yet....

  40. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    so far also every tile in my square is by bike as well, but looks like I have to build a man powered flying machine to cover the military domains;o)

  41. Jeremy L.
    Jeremy L.

    Get a pedalo for the wet sections.


  42. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    How far down the Thames are we talking Phill? It looks like you can get all the way to Canvey Island before having to break out the Speedos?

  43. Phill C.
    Phill C.

    Nils - This may help https://www.engadget.com/2013/02/01/the-highs-and-lows-of-human-powered-flight/ 8-)

  44. Phill C.
    Phill C.

    Pete - That's exactly where I am - I've already been escorted off the dock once by security. They had to stop unloading a container ship because there was a mad cyclist on the doc, health and safety issue with all the cranes, lorries etc... There is a VVEX2 (VeloViewer Explorer Square) in an Oil refinery called Corryton just west of Canvey island and I can't get in by road or around the Sea wall. Nils - maybe I can share the cost of the human powered flying machine 8-)

  45. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Hehhe I had the same in the harbor of Antwerp, big docks, huge cranes, and huge machines. It also was in the pre-tile-visibility -in-route-builder-phase. So lot of romance of having no idea where the tile actually started and stopped. And the post ride upload excitement after every ride was as much fun as the ride itself;o) Stroke me actually that most people really do not care what you are doing as long as they can do their own job. And okay to share the cost of the human powered flying machine;o)

  46. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    This is around the DPWorld port that has been massively expanding the last few years, right? Tricky but some of these places have visitor days you can sign up for....

  47. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    A safety video that regular square chasers may wish to view .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUL56vrK75I#action=share (contains English humour and swearing)

  48. Jeremy L.
    Jeremy L.

    Laurel and Hardy go mountain biking.

  49. Nils Oudejans
    Nils Oudejans

    Haha these things actually do happen;o)

  50. steve melvin
    steve melvin



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