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New route, new friends!! :)

  • 14.0mi
  • 1:46:36
    Moving Time
  • 7:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,339


  1. Andrea Cadavid

    Thanks for the invite Blair Disque it was so fun!!

  2. Tyler P.

    I like that loop and easy to add on to get 18 or 20 by doing down and back on graylin, cedar ridge, and Reedy creek lake climb

  3. Smilin' Sasquatch (Bill P)

    Pretty close to the same route we did the day we started at Tile Shop on Glenwood-except you got to see it during the day!

  4. Ocean Pittenger

    It was great to see you before and after! :)

  5. Andrea Cadavid

    Awesome to know Tyler Pake ! Will keep that in mind!

  6. Andrea Cadavid

    You are right Smilin' Sasquatch !!! Challenging!!!! But SO BEAUTIFUL :) loved it

  7. Blair Disque

    Thanks for coming, you did fantastic!

  8. Andrea Cadavid

    Ocean Pittenger !!! I loved seeing you!!! Very excited to see the awesome challenges you are facing!!!! I admire that! Very cool!!

  9. Andrea Cadavid

    Thank you Blair Disque !! Same to you!!! That one was not easy lol :)

  10. Arvind Balaraman

    Killer pace. Nice seeing you this kornig

  11. Arvind Balaraman

    Nice seeing you this morning

  12. Andrea Cadavid

    Great to see you too Arvind Balaraman !!! Challenging course! Koodos to you doing it after that killer half marathon! Amazing job! :)

  13. David Witherington

    Yay RTR, haven't made it to a Sunday morning in a while, but great group!

  14. Andrea Cadavid

    Yes!!! Awesome! Very fun ! David Witherington