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easy 4 hours. hard last one.

  • 206.9km
  • 1,842m
  • 4:50:56
    Moving Time
  • 7,660
  • 90
    Relative Effort


  1. Michael van Dijk

    nice run ;)

  2. Reece M.

    officially the fastest runner in the world

  3. Doug Monro

    Dude, default to bike. It seems to be your thing.

  4. Mark 'special' K.

    Just think how fast you could of gone if only you'd remembered your bike ;-)

  5. Peter Schachtschabel

    Can everyone please stop whining about whether it's a bike or run activity...

  6. Michel H

    Succes morgen!! bewaar wat energie voor de aankomst bergop :)

  7. Greg Khan

    the Kenyans ain't got nothing on you LTD ...Usain Bolt got nothing on you

  8. Brian Gossett

    (Hey everyone, let's not tell Peter that we all know it's a bike ride)

  9. Joep R.

    i lolled @ Brian

  10. Rafael M.

    Running on bike ;)

  11. Ben Parker

    Run Forest, run....!!

  12. Jonathan Burgess

    17000 kcal doesn't seem much given you ran it. Great effort.

  13. Jason C.

    who the f flagged it? come on. LtD uploads these - he'll fix it. geez

  14. Rik M.

    Seriously, the guy finished a 128 mile ride then uploads it and some tool flags it for being mis-labeled - [slow clap]

  15. Jj M.

    That is quite a run

  16. Gerard Taboada


  17. Mr 8.

    Last training before the Hawaii Ironman, you will smash it :-)

  18. Matthijs Euwijk

    Succes komend weekend! Pittige ritjes. Na dit weekend top 10?

  19. Jérémy Brd

    @ Rik : Probs an angry runner who got his CR's stolen! ;)

  20. Strava A.

    I say old chaps , all this irrelavant whinging doesn't exacty encourage the best in the world to publish there hard fought professional results ! "Don't shoot the messanger" ! "don't split hairs" ! & appreciate what we have !

  21. Steve Weston aka scuba

    Well said Nick

  22. Ben J.

    I agree nick! It's great that we get to see what the pros are doing! Keep up the good work ltd

  23. Chris C.

    I told Peter. Sorry... Couldn't help myself

  24. Brian Gossett

    LTD is the people's champion!

  25. Steve Baxter

    you fools do realise he has it set to run so we dont see power measure and such

  26. Waldoggy Dolg

    I feel sorry for LTD having to constantly sift thru these lame comments about it being a run

  27. Terry O.

    I'm glad too Steve, as he may ride on my commute one day #smashingallkoms lol

  28. Peter Schachtschabel

    Waldoggy, you expressed it better then i did.

  29. Mark 'special' K.

    Doing brilliantly Laurens, 20th at this stage, keep strong.

  30. Jonathan Burgess

    I was a bit sarcastic earlier but to be honest it is fantastic that we get to see the gulf in class between the pros and us mere mortals. Keep going LTD top effort mate

  31. Eder ..

    good run Laurens, but wich shoes do u hav? :D keep it!

  32. William H. de Boer

    The shoe joke is getting seriously old now, lads, stop it.

  33. Keith A.

    Whoever flagged him should be banned from Strava......... lol

  34. Berry de Pinth

    People. This guy is cycling 3 weeks in spain. The hardest pro-race of the season, hes sharing his results. And every day people give comments about its not a run. Pfff

  35. Victor Miyakawa

    pro cyclists are super human. Good luck ltd!

  36. CB .

    Well done qaldoggy

  37. Brian Gossett

    I'm sure LTD is just fine.

  38. Jasper D.

    Steve Baxter: ' you fools do realise he has it set to run so we dont see power measure and such' --> LtD does not use SRM or such, but 'just' a Forerunner. So it's not for keeping secrets. And pls stop the running-jokes & be thankful for uploading these data!

  39. Sam B.

    I wish I could run like you....

  40. Stijn van Weezel

    The run jokes weren't even funny the first time.

  41. Peter S.

    Hurrah Nick, well said.
    It's such a privilege to follow Laurens !

  42. Peter S.

    Hurrah Nick,well said ,it's such a privilege to be able to follow Laurens !

  43. Steven Malt

    Ten Dam way cooler than Van Damme!!

  44. Peter S.

    Hurrah Nick,well said,its such a privilege to be able to follow Laurens !

  45. Juan B.

    I'm w Nick. Let's just enjoy following LTD

  46. Hunter S.

    Nice riding

  47. Bert Stegink

    First four hours average 40kmph and average heartbeat of 100! Really "easy".