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  • 84.6km
  • 1,603m
  • 4:42:49
    Moving Time
  • 2,257
  • 201
    Relative Effort


  1. Jamie Miceli

    Jeff. Hey. My name is Jamie Miceli. I live in Calgary, Alberta. Somehow I found a pic on Google of you riding in Kobe when I was looking for info on riding over there. It took me to your blog, etc. I'm coming to Kobe for Christmas. Parents are living there now. I'm a big cyclist. I really want to try and ride while I'm there. Mountain, Cross or road, whatever. Wondering if you could help me try to track down a bike to rent. (shop?) And even just general info on riding over there. Love to hear from you. I can give you my email in the future. Thought I try Strava first as you just road today. Cheers

  2. Manseki @.

    見事な角の牡鹿‼ 距離は何メートル?

  3. Jeffrey Friedl

    一番近いは1メートルくらい。(その間はフェンスがありました)。 Jamie, I've reached out to a friend in Kobe... will get back to you. Message me on Facebook if you're there... my FB link is in my profile here.

  4. Jamie Miceli

    Cool. I was just about to call it a night. I'll message you quick. Thanks

  5. Manseki @.