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Fukuoka marathon.

  • 42.3km
  • 2:10:57
    Moving Time
  • 3:06/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,254


  1. Andrew W.
    Andrew Williams


  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️chris R.
    🤷🏻‍♂️Chris Rivera 🍩

    Incredible! Congrats, Reid!!!
    Look at this Stephen Connick

  3. Kevin O.
    Kevin O'Brien

    Nice job!!

  4. Andrew C.
    Andrew Chapman

    Crazy pace!

  5. Daniel V.
    Daniel Vogelpoel

    Smashed it!

  6. Suha E.
    SUHA eophoto

    Reid Coolsaet Legend!

  7. Imran T.
    Imran Tolaha

    Asyraf Noordin

  8. Patrick S.
    Patrick S.

    Congrats on this epic effort!

  9. Ulf T.
    Ulf Twietmeyer

    Wow, fantastic race! Congrats, Reid!! Amazing!!

  10. Afiq N.
    Afiq Nasruddin

    Cool running Reid. Congrats

  11. Marek H.
    Marek Hladik


  12. Dion F.
    Dion Finocchiaro

    Amazing run Reid Coolsaet. Perfectly executed race

  13. Jeff M.
    Jeff Mather


  14. Sébastien B.
    Sébastien BAZEILLE - MarathoniacK

    Congratulation Reid Coolsaet !! Amazing Pace! I wish you to run 58sec faster on your next marathon !

  15. Avi H.
    Avi Harel VEGAN


  16. Hélder P.
    Hélder Peixoto Ⓥ

    Congratulations :) really amazing pace. Good recovery

  17. Charlie G.
    Charlie Garros

    Fantastic ! Congratulations !

  18. Fred B.
    Fred B

    You killed it! Congrats!!

  19. Tom S.
  20. Nadav S.
    Nadav S.


  21. Orlando S.
  22. Maurice V.
    Maurice Vienneau

    Congrats! Very inspiring.

  23. Daniel G.
    Daniel Gregory

    Wow !! Amazing pace.

  24. J.C H.
    J.C haramboure

    Amazing job!

  25. Al D.
    Al Deschamps

    Toute une performance Reid!!! Félicitations!!!

  26. Craig H.
    Craig Herrington

    Clearly half robot! Great job

  27. Altus B.
    Altus Badenhorst

    You are mentally really tough. Well done!

  28. Drew N.
    Drew N.

    holy shit! well done!

  29. Georges Philippe G.
  30. David F.
    David Flax

    Great race..

  31. Hugues T.
    Hugues Tremblay

    Congrats, excellent time! It is great to be able to follow all your training here, thanks for sharing.

  32. Rich I.
    Rich I.

    Wow! Congrats, Reid! Solid!!!

  33. Miguel B.
    Miguel Bernal

    Congrats Reid, well done!!

  34. Ben J.
    Ben Jurkovic

    Nice job Reid!

  35. Bert 🇨.
    Bert 🇨.

    You made Westdale Proud!

  36. Andy S.
    Andy Sherris

    Nice one

  37. Camilo M.
    Camilo Martinez

    Wow felicitaciones

  38. Kristian  U.
    Kristian Ulriksen

    Goooo Reid!

  39. Geraldo P.
    Geraldo P.

    Unbelievable! !!

  40. Colin M.
    Colin Massicotte

    So close to the Canadian record again! Well done!

  41. James W.
    James Watkins

    Chris Woodford

  42. Sean W.
    Sean W.

    Must have felt amazing to pass so many guys the second half. Congrats on a great race!

  43. Brandon Y.
    Brandon York

    Ho Lee Fuk!

  44. Fu Pang H.
    Fu-Pang Hsu


  45. Simone ~.
    Simone ~.

    Incredible!! Reid Coolsaet , you're a machine!! Well done Sir. :))

  46. Stephanie G.
  47. Julio C.
    Julio Castillo


  48. Christine L.
    Christine L.

    Congratulations Reid!!!! We are very proud of you!

  49. Duane H.
    Duane H.

    Wow! So consistent! Congratulations!

  50. Caitlin F.
    Caitlin F.

    Wow this is awesome, wtg Reid!!!