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Flatiron Classics - Day 3 (16 Classics)

  • 11.4mi
  • 6,900ft
  • 5:42:14
    Moving Time
  • 1,702


  1. Simon T.
    Simon T.

    Awesome sauce....

  2. Bill Wright

    Thanks. This was a cool project to do all 53 Classics from Gerry Roach's Flatirons guidebook over Labor Day Weekend.

  3. Simon T.
    Simon T.

    This is a tremendous achievement. I pulled all your GPX files for the four days into Google Earth......very, very cool.

  4. Bill Wright

    Thanks, Simon. I appreciate that. You going to give it a go? I know Anton is working on doing this in a push and learning all the routes and best link-ups.

  5. Bill Wright

    Oh, I blogged about it here: http://billwright510climbing.blogspot.com/2013/09/ultra-scrambling-53-flatirons-classics.html

  6. Simon T.
    Simon T.

    Ha! Would like to climb all these...but will take me many years!!!!! Just love seeing what you guys get up to. Inspiring...

  7. Simon T.
    Simon T.

    Kreighton's gonna show me the Stairway, Buckets, Royal Arch link up on Sunday. Excited about that....

  8. Simon T.
    Simon T.

    Bill - you know of any one that has posted Roach's Top Ten Flatirons in one push on Strava? I'm currently making a map with all top ten routes and approaches based on Strava data. Background is aerial photography and it has contours and mountain park trails also. The map will be spatially located so one can have it on their phone and use the phones GPS to see where they are. I would like to eventually have all 53 classics on the map. For the climbing access trails the main source of my data so far have been your Epic 53 scramble and last years TDF data.The PDF map will also have embedded data so on can hover over a trail to see the name and distance of the segment. Routes and formations will also be named. Really making it for my own benefit, but once it's done (and hopefully reviewed by Bill Wright?) we could post it on your blog. Thoughts?

  9. Bill Wright

    Simon, that sounds like a great idea. We should take this to email: bill@wwwright.com. We should probably meet and do a scramble sometime, as well!