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Hwy 9 labor day with Dave P

  • 32.5mi
  • 3,612ft
  • 2:03:59
    Moving Time
  • 1,375


  1. Andrew A.
    Andrew Adelman

    Yee Haw! Got it...no help needed.

  2. Cathy F.
    Cathy F.

    Wow! That is amazing - congrats!

  3. Alan W.
    Alan W.

    Smashed it.

  4. Tom R.
    Tom R.

    Any way to give double, super, excellent Kudos? Epic ride Ken!

  5. James P.
    James P.


  6. David P.
    David Puglia

    My leadout effort was worth something - nice job

  7. Jeong Kim 김.
    Jeong Kim 김.

    Awesome, Ken.

  8. David P.
    David Puglia

    I was seeing 600watts when you came around

  9. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    uh oh... leadouts for the KOM now? it's on :p

  10. David P.
    David Puglia

    No - just started together

  11. David P.
    David Puglia

    For 2 mins

  12. Erik V.
    Erik V.

    Sweet ride Ken!

  13. Kenneth S.
    Kenneth S.

    thx all. and thanks Dave P for the camaraderie and initial pull. Colin - I'll lead you out.

  14. Dave T.
    Dave T.


  15. Josh P.
    Josh Pizzica

    Manimal! Looking forward to see what damage you do on Fremont peak.

  16. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    Ken, I forgot to say what a magnificent piece of hill climbing performance this is! Very nicely done - would be a challenge to beat even with a leadout. Two-man TT though..? We could pack a serious 1-2 punch. See you Sunday

  17. Joe S.
    Joe S.

    Great ride Kenneth,
    Guess they don't want my lousy 28:20 time up there anymore! lol- go get old la honda :)

  18. Kenneth S.
    Kenneth S.

    Joe, thanks; I didn't notice your time missing until I loaded this. it was a great time and great motivation. did someone flag it? are you going to reload it?

  19. Joe S.
    Joe S.

    Hi Kenneth, If Strava fixes it thats cool otherwise no big deal. Wow you really put it down , im glade you set that time, an old dude like me should not have that record lol.. hope to ride with you some time .. a coffee ride :) Now! go get that 14:42