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Final tune up ride with Billy, Big Dave, and a little Kevin for good luck

  • 29.9mi
  • 1,312ft
  • 1:27:13
    Moving Time
  • 1,129
  • 43
    Suffer Score


  1. Eric B.
    Eric Brands

    Be safe riding LOTOJA Mike. One day I'll officially meet you. I plan to join in on those long organized rides(Tour De Park City,etc) with you and your buddies next year.

  2. Danny S.
    Danny Staten

    I am glad you guys got in something fun to make up for RMR being canceled tonight.

  3. Mike R.
    Mike R.

    Eric you know it. I have considered not racing so long in 2014, but man do I love it. Racing is so much fun. Danny, Saturday is going to be a blast man. I am really looking forward to racing with you.

  4. Danny S.
    Danny Staten

    Dude for some reason, I had always thought that you were riding cat 4. Yeah, it will be awesome racing with you for sure. I hope I will be able to hold your wheel for a while. I think you and McKay are probably bigger players in the cat 5 field than I have a chance of being though. Yeah it will be awesome to race with you.

  5. Mike R.
    Mike R.

    Danny I saw your Nebo climbing time and you will be just fine. The key will be your willingness to suffer up Strawberry. You are going to do great.