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Winter TT. 20:08. Visor steamed up... had to chuck it. 1st half was a disaster

  • 10.0mi
  • 289ft
  • 20:15
    Moving Time
  • 534
  • 34
    Relative Effort


  1. Rob S.

    Bit foggy eh!

  2. Pete Ganderton

    I can recommend an anti-fog thing I have for my motorcycle visor... You wipe it on with a tissue, doesn't damage plastic etc etc

  3. Hadyn Rhys James - Velolife

    Tried washing up liquid?

  4. Buckley Performance Coaching.co.uk

    I treated my visor a while ago but think I managed to clean it all off this morning! Good ride from you rob... got your 400w!

  5. Rob S.

    I'd done it earlier in the year but only in a club event. My CDA was dog SHIT today so obvs relaxed too much mate