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Haleakala... just a lttile hill (in place of the Whistler GF this year, good luck to you all and keep the rubber side down!)

  • 122.0km
  • 3,249m
  • 4:52:33
    Moving Time
  • 3,515
  • 281
    Suffer Score


  1. Matthew H.
    Matthew H.

    DUDE! You CRUSHED that! Amazing work amigo.

  2. Bob C.
    Bob C.

    very impressive!

  3. Mark B.
    Mark Breakspear

    Nailed it!

  4. Graham M.
    Graham M.

    Nice work Eric!

  5. Eric H.
    Eric H.

    Thanks boys! In hindsight could pushed a bit harder to the base but wasn't quite sure how to pace the first 3rd... definitely felt the elevation starting around 5000 ft and really felt it for the last km push to the Summit which was the only part I really felt like shite! Although it was an amazing ride (road and scenery), I don't know if I'll be jumping up and down for the next opportunity at it!

  6. Peter S.
    Peter Salomon

    congrats great ride! did you have to stop for water?
    was there wind on the top half?

  7. Peter S.
  8. Eric H.
    Eric H.

    Hey Peter, thanks for the inside info, the pacing info for the 3rd's definitely helped. I ended up taking 3 bottles but really only needed 2 as after the Ranger station I had almost 2 full bottles so I ended up pouring almost a full bottle out to cut weight for the last third. There was wind on the top third but manageable... I sucked wind on the last 500 ft to the Summit which surprised me cause I felt pretty good up until then. If you're ever in Van for a ride let me know.

  9. Bart G.
    Bart G.

    Nice job on the climb!!!!!!

  10. Satn Y.
    Satn Y.

    WOW!! Good for you buddy.

  11. Alberto G.
    Alberto Grimod

    i think you had a better ride than us... :-) Whistler didn't change from last year.... :-)

  12. Paul P.
    Paul P.

    Nice on Eric !!!

  13. Alexa L.
    Alexa Laidlaw

    Holy! That is a HILL! So awesome :)

  14. Tom B.
    Tom B.

    Holy crap you are having one hell of a season Eric! Major Kudos