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Haleakala Ride (Climbosaurus Volcanicus)

  • 71.2mi
  • 10,123ft
  • 5:59:42
    Moving Time
  • 3,680


  1. Frank Brockmann

    World-class views! Apparently Strava doesn't take kindly to Clydes like me who stop to rest and gawk at the scenery in the middle of a climb, so it counts all time up a hill as moving time (my Garmin showed 4:40 from ocean to the summit). So hey I still suck, but maybe a bit less than it seems.

  2. Ozero L.

    Very cool Frank! Too bad you can't post any pictures on Strava. :-(

  3. Bill Wright

    You truly are a beast, Frank.

  4. Tim C.

    strong work Frank, you didn't waist any time,nice! they have a road race up that every year.I ran up in little over 6hours, it's called run to the sun. awesome.

  5. Mike Lemberg

    What an awesome climb! You have my respect for that performance, but more importantly how you managed to sneak away from your family while on vacation to climb that beast.

  6. Matt D.

    Hi Frank. Congratulations - a super effort! I run a website in Victoria, Australia all about climbing mountains by bike: http://theclimbingcyclist.com

    I'm wondering if you'd be interested in writing a guest post about the climb which I could publish on the site? Here's an example of a recent guest post: http://theclimbingcyclist.com/guest-post-alto-de-letras-the-longest-climb-on-earth/

    Would this be of interest at all?

    If you could let me know either way, that would be awesome.

    Cheers, and congrats again!

    Matt de Neef

  7. Mariano K.

    Epic ride. And a great write up at the climbing cyclist's site.

  8. Frank Brockmann

    Thanks to Matt de Neef for the invite to write a guest blog post, which he made look nice and pretty:


    Nice site too--makes me want to take a bike to Australia...

  9. Matt D.

    Pleasure Frank! Thanks again for your time! :)

  10. Ozero L.

    I read the post last nite, very nice!! I'm jealous! :-)

  11. Dennis Wolbers

    Just read your post from 5 years ago. Fantastic! Love how you let 7000-8000 and 9000 feet just roll along:)

  12. Steve Crispin

    How has this ride only got 17 kudos? Or has it clocked around like an old cars odometer? Read your post about the ride, clicked the ride link and was genuinely surprised and impressed.