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Pedal For Scotland 110 Mile Route

  • 178.6km
  • 1,944m
  • 7:21:20
    Moving Time
  • 3,613


  1. Nick M.
    Nick McCue - M.E.T.Athlete

    Well done sir!!

  2. Barry S.
    Barry Speedie

    Great effort today Paul! Glad u managed to miss the big crash on the downhill!! Same again next year?

  3. Scott "Han Solo" A.
    Scott "Han Solo" A.

    Well done mate, sorry for holding ya back

  4. Paul F.
    Paul Freeman

    Cheers Baz, see you got cramp too. Only 2nd time ever I've had cramp - was after Carmichael Hill which I made to the top; but it was messy - limped to the next feed station

  5. Paul F.
    Paul Freeman

    Scott, don't remember me holding you back much - but I was helping you by giving you plenty of rest at the feed stations :)

  6. Scott "Han Solo" A.
    Scott "Han Solo" A.

    Lol like it mate, in all seriousness really glad you got a time you were happy with but did feel bad about leaving ya alone at times

  7. Karl Z.
    Karl Zeiner

    Good ride :)