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Fremont Peak HC - NCNCA District Champion!

  • 9.8mi
  • 2,461ft
  • 39:26
    Moving Time
  • 987
  • 46
    Suffer Score


  1. Tommy ..
    Tommy ..


  2. Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Excellent work there today! Way to catch up to the leader and pass him in the last steep parts of the climb too! Thanks for lunch.

  3. Rob S.
    Rob Scheffler

    Awesome dude. Incredible ride

  4. Rita J.
    Rita Jett

    Nice Colin!

  5. Carl N.
    Carl Nielson

    Congrats Colin! I hope you enjoyed your beer!

  6. Thomas H.
    Thomas Haas

    Not sure what it means (district champ) but looks like a big deal to me! Nice Colin ! Congrats!!!
    Hey.... Do you know Chris Zappala? I rode with him the HR Pyrenees this week!

  7. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    Thanks guys!! Thomas - it was the NorCal/Nevada championships. Pretty small field, but only guys who like climbing tend to show up. And no I don't (other than on strava), but it looks like you guys had a killer time!

  8. Axel D.
    Axel D.

    Crayyyyyzy! The wattage! Dayyyyum!