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Fremont Peak Hill Climb 35+ 123 - 1st

  • 21.9mi
  • 2,628ft
  • 1:17:41
    Moving Time
  • 1,025


  1. Jeong Kim 김.
    Jeong Kim 김.

    Awesome. I am proud just to say I ride with you on the Noon Rides. Even if I get dropped. Nicely done, Ken. :)

  2. David P.
    David Puglia

    Great work - fantastic

  3. Axel B.
    Axel B.

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  4. Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Great Job today! I enjoyed the warm up with you and Colin.

  5. Andrew A.
    Andrew Adelman

    There was no doubt! Congratulations, you get a jersey?

  6. Tim C.
    Tim C.

    Congrats Ken !!!

  7. Carl N.
    Carl Nielson

    Well done, Ken. Thanks for the post-race talk! See you at Tam!

  8. Kenneth S.
    Kenneth S.

    Thanks guys. Small field but great weather and good fun.

  9. James P.
    James P.

    Great job as usual Ken!

  10. Alon G.
    Alon Golan

    What Jeong said.