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Mauna Kea. Last ride as a pro. Peace.

Ride December 31, 2016
  • 61.8mi
  • 13,878ft
  • 5:14:33
    Moving Time
  • 5,236
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  1. Rusty Gramm

    Sir badass. Congrats on going out in style.

  2. Bill Lloyd

    That's the fucking way to go out.

  3. Chris G.


  4. Sandee 🦄 M.

    Amazing. Happy New Year!!! Mauna Kea is a magical place and you richly deserve all the love and kudos!

  5. MoPro ~

    thats friggin out of this world man

  6. Chris Glossner Team CAF

    Dude, well done!!

  7. Chris Glossner Team CAF

    4:50 segment!!! Haha... that is some serious shit!!

  8. Jason G.

    Some serious watts for a serious amount of time! Happy new year!

  9. josh m

    Unbelievable. What a monster effort!!

  10. Phil Gaimon

    You guys are nice. Xoxo. Really appreciate it

  11. * Seal *.

    Congrats! You're officially now just a Socal Wanker!! Welcome!

  12. Kevin Metcalfe

    Nicely done!

  13. Bud F.

    Well done! Good luck with the next chapter Phil.

  14. Casey Cohenmeyer

    Phil, you're rad.

  15. Craig N.

    Ballsy. See you around LA!

  16. Brian A.

    Been there; have NOT done that. You're a stud. 225 feet/mile for 5 hours is insane! Happy New Year, and may the future bring some grand new adventures.

  17. Cameron Smith

    Crazy numbers and with elevation!!! "Infantry" section 24mph @ 5.5% avg. inspiring Phil Gaimon

  18. Steve R.

    Just beyond cool, in more ways than one.

  19. Peter S.

    I think I owe you Satchel's

  20. Dave P.


  21. Phil Gaimon

    Kevin Metcalfe you were quite right on the gearing. Lots of 40 rpm

  22. Mark D.

    Time for a ticker tape parade on Riverside Drive!


    Awesome! Happy New Year buddy! Phil Gaimon

  24. Lisa P.

    Nicely done!!

  25. Steven Fish

    KOM by almost 2 hours? Damn. Peace to you.

  26. Brian Flath

    Congrats Phil. Awesome ride. I've enjoyed following your cycling career, can't wait to see what's next.
    Happy New Year

  27. Adam Phaneuf

    Way to cap it off in style, Phil!! Looking forward to the next thrilling chapter - you're bound for great things!

  28. Keith Wipprecht

    I was hoping you would wear the Cookie Monster head/hat for this ride. Amazing man! Congrats.

  29. Alex Hecht

    Way to go man. Can't wait for the new book. Hopefully our paths cross soon so you can sign my copy of the first one.

  30. Jeremiah BISHOP


  31. Ari D.

    Never seen that many cups and KOMs . Congrats. If you ever need help carrying ur 12 pound balls, I'll be glad to help

  32. 10spd Coffee /Rob Bogin/ Pedalers Fork Calabasas

    INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you for taking all of us on that ride with you and sharing and inspiring us!!! Wishing you the best in 2017!!!

  33. Rob Keunen

    Fantastic, no other words needed. Happy New year

  34. Ben F.

    Wow. Just wow! Huge accomplishment!

  35. Michael Copacino

    Thanks Phil!

  36. Leonard Bisel

    Nicely done @Phil Gaimon!

  37. johnny hanel Ⓥ

    fucking amazing

  38. Tim H.

    Legend Phil!

  39. Kyle U.

    Phil thanks for the Strava Entertainment in 2016 - here's to more in 2017!!

  40. Rob C.

    Congrats Phil Gaimon!!! I've enjoyed following you and reading your writing over the years. Wish you all the very best. What a fantastic way to spend your last day as a pro. Seriously inspirational. Lots of admiration

  41. Mimi Sheean | ミミシーアン

    Awesome! Hope to catch a glimpse of u in LA sometime! Come out for Montrose and the Bowl (in the Spring!)!

  42. Scott K.

    Dang. That KOM looked semi-attainable. Until now. Hope to be out there one day, climbing for 2nd. With a 1:1 low gear at least. Thanks for sharing and here's to Fudge Brownie Chip for your 2017.

  43. Phil Gaimon

    Scott Kocher get it from Hilo! Or get Mauna Loa!

  44. Dale D.

    You killed it!

  45. Paull Connolly

    Nice bookend Phil!

  46. Pancho Pantera

    @philgaimon Happy New year dude! Best wishes.

  47. Mike M.


  48. Filipe Oliveira

    Outstanding. Thank you.

  49. Kyle Luongo

    I've driven it...good thing I didn't have Strava on and kill the KOM...You are awesome Phil. Love seeing what you do and the way you enjoy it. What a change in climate(s) on your way up...I've read that the big island of Hawaii has all but like two climates in the world...you pretty much saw it all