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09/13/2013 Berkeley, CA

  • 46.3mi
  • 4,344ft
  • 2:32:47
    Moving Time
  • 2,481


  1. Strava A.

    Looks like you are feeling better! Glad to see it.

  2. Nathaniel English

    Yeah, I've been easing into it. Definitely not at my best yet, but it's fun to go had and not feel super slow doing it. :) Also, the KOMs were not exactly on a stretch of road I've really smashed before, but still, nice to have okay power for 15m or so.

  3. Jim (James) Wingert

    I'm glad you're healing up Nate, but bummed you're back to stealing my KOMs. I was just riding tempo that day though.

  4. Josh Dapice

    Just in time for Mt. Tam?

  5. Hans G.

    Hope to see you tomorrow Nate, how about you Josh?

  6. Josh Dapice

    Definitely. I will try my luck in the 35+ race.

  7. Hans G.

    I'm in your race Josh, but you won't see me for more than 10 minutes. I will be working the keg and podium presentations, hope to see you more than 10 minutes after the race ;-)

  8. Nathaniel English

    Yeah, Tam could definitely be fun. I didn't plan on doing it because I really wasn't expecting to feel at all ready to ride hard so soon. So, I won't be thee, but I'll probably have the Diablo Challenge on my radar as my last riding goal for the season. Should be fun. :)

    I'm sure Chris will crush it tomorrow. Good luck everyone who's doing it!

  9. Hans G.


    Online registration just closed, buy you can still sign up on race day!