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La Ronde Picardie 14/09/13

  • 131.0km
  • 896m
  • 3:58:24
    Moving Time
  • 3,186


  1. Mike B.

    you have obviously come a long way since last year. you would've been straight out the back of that last group last year... get a decent winter in and you'll be a different rider next year. they always say it takes 3 years!

  2. martin briars

    couldn't agree more - mind you the final 2km, when we turned onto the main road, i was left by all the front runners, and ended up alone in front of about 5 or so who i left behind.... it was a great learning experience and i did a lot of chasing onto groups, but once i'd made it in - a great feeling... i always remember Belgium and watching you, adrian and pete just pull further and further away - never again ! :))

  3. Mike B.

    funny how everyone goes through exactly the same process... give it a year and you'll be revelling in dishing out the punishment :-). the great thing about cycling is just how honest it is - you put in the work and you reap the rewards.

  4. Mike B.

    the next lesson to learn is gaining confidence in your own abilities. then you will have the bottle to just go really really hard and see what happens. not being scared of blowing up...

  5. martin briars

    i was actually doing that - i did a fair share at the front of groups, not wanting to be just a hanger-oner...admittedly, not with the group when you were in front :)