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Watopia (A treat! iPhone+AppleWatch)

Virtual Ride
  • 35.8km
  • 242m
  • 1:02:47
    Moving Time
  • 852
  • 37
    Relative Effort


  1. Gareth E.

    new roads?

  2. Andrew L.

    Shane Miller | GPLama

  3. Steve T.

    Oooooohhh! You norty tease, Eric Min

  4. Steve T.

    lactic . / Chris Radley / Bruno F. Ruiz | Team WBR / Daniel Abbott / John Hudd / John Uppard / John Ayton / Ian Slater

  5. John Ayton / Team WBR

    Nice can't wait.... less than an hour Steve Tweed

  6. Steve T.

    Eric Min - I tthink you might get one or two comments on this ;)

  7. Jean-Luc EYRAUD

    I like It!!!!

  8. Eric Min

    Updated my activity title!

  9. James Dickson

    Lee Kermode Shaun Oshea daniel ward - new roads inbound soon!!

  10. Paul B.

    Congratulations Eric Min on what looks to be another fantastic extension to amazing Watopia.

  11. Oliver G.

    OK, now the founder has ridden it - let's get this out to the people!

  12. Eric Min

    I work with some amazing people!

  13. Richard Law

    Really looking forward to riding the new volcano roads!

  14. John H.

    Thanks for the heads up ... now to check for updates every 10 mins :-D

  15. Eric Min

    It's just around the corner but you might get exhausted checking every 10 min!

  16. Vincent H.

    Heart rate looks a bit smoothed from the watch :/ hope it's easy for you to resolve! Thanks for integrating it and listing to all our requests about it!

  17. Steve T.

    John Hudd... woooaaahhh Nelly - the Muggles can't ride it yet - just the chosen few such as Demi-God Eric Min. He is merely tickling our fancy with this provoking posting!

  18. Paul Cooms

    Looks hot......gonna need more fans...!!!

  19. Andrew Ballas

    What can you tell us about the Apple Watch integration?

  20. Col B.

    Looks fantastic, very exciting...

  21. Bastiaan Gaillard

    Volcano expansion and Apple watch integration.... can't wait to test them both. Great job Eric and your team at Zwift.

  22. Sean D.

    New roads.. love it!

  23. Dale Morwood

    Somebody will be busy once it's opened making strava segment names lol

  24. Guido R.

    I need a Volcano Ride!!! Hahaha

  25. James Dickson

    Mount Ventoux or a similar TDF stage would be a great addition when the tour starts or similar grand tour ???? top work though guys!

  26. Dmitriy Pochitalin

    Riding inside volcano looks absurd. Cycling is outdoor sport and I like too see track more natural. There are so many picturesque places on earth but you do some futuristic tracks with riding trough smth (water tunnel, metro, now volcano). May be I'm wrong but this is first impression.

  27. John H.

    Cycling is an outdoor sport .. kind of an ironic statement when using an indoor trainer .... Anyway fingers crossed for more rolling terrain like the esses in watopia

  28. Eric Min

    I think in our world, there is room for both. Let's also experience things that are just impossible in the real world.

  29. Jeff Ball

    Looks awesome. More miles than I expected with some very nice new loop options. Thank you!

  30. John DeMarchi

    Volcanoes are outdoors. Who has ever heard of an indoor volcano? Your house would burn down.

  31. Ben Weiss

    Todd Willis

  32. James Kistler

    It's virtual reality! We can ride on the moon if we want. Have fun with it.

  33. Mike Mitchell

    Yes!! Apple Watch integration so unexpected and that is what I love about Zwift. ❤❤❤❤


    Wow, so hot right now! This is exciting Eric Min

  35. Paul D.

    Very curious to see what we are gonna experience in here!

  36. Theo de Groot

    Martijn Toet hot!

  37. Dale Morwood

    At least we're wearing shorts if it's hot lol

  38. E Kutter

    Your avatar should be wearing the watch!

  39. Theia F.

    Can't wait!!

  40. Kerry S.

    I'm very impressed with the 5am ride on a Saturday! Guess that's the type of commitment it takes to be an innovator. ;-)

  41. Zee Kryder

    Can't wait

  42. Pfau ..

    I'm looking forward to the new route. :-) But don't forget the mountains. With the new route you are half the way to Mount Barnie. This could be a nice 900 altimeter climb. :-)

  43. Dale Morwood

    Think it's mostly flat Pfau according to the sneak preview

  44. Pfau ..

    I know. Mount Banie should be a proposal for the next extension.

  45. Scott McLean

    My favorite place to ride on Zwift is Watopia. It is an amazing world. We have the flats (beach), the hills, rolling terrain, the mountain alps with switchbacks to climb, and great scenic views everywhere. I hope that the developers will put all of their future energy into expanding and improving Watopia even more...... Additional mountains? Yes !! Mount Banie? Yes !! More switchbacks to climb? Yes !!! My hope is that they keep expanding Watopia into a very large world with all of the different types of terrain and many additional scenic places to ride (on paved roads of course). Watopia is a great place for bicycling and it keeps getting better !!! Thank you for the continued work on this great place to ride !!!

  46. Eric Min

    Thanks @Scott!

  47. Shaun O.

    Bigger mountains please

  48. Kerry S.

    Well said Scott

  49. James Dickson

    Agree with Shaun - Bigger mountains and get some races up them! Fantastic work though Eric and team - it really helps with winter training!