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When I can think properly I will give this a title. This is a vEverest

Virtual Ride
  • 136.3mi
  • 29,567ft
  • 10:58:53
    Moving Time
  • 8,342


  1. Jeroen P.

    Awesome ride buddy! Great riding with you today!

  2. Dahn Pahrs

    This was my first kudos ever given to a Zwift ride. You're crazy Dude.

  3. Chris Peltzer Ⓥ ☁️

    Wow Dahn I honored. Thank you sir.

  4. Chris Peltzer Ⓥ ☁️

    Jeroen - Sorry I slowed you down so much today! Thank you so much for killing it as a Sherpa.

  5. Terry Householder

    Gosh that's a lot of miles

  6. Emrys Halbertsma Ⓥ

    No title needed, this radiates gnarliness. Epic job man

  7. Drew V.

    Beast mode: engaged.

  8. Daniel Ioerger


  9. Michael TreSSler

    There is definitely something wrong with you dude (in a good way).

  10. Chris R.


  11. Jason Draper

    Amazing, man.

  12. Gordon K.

    Incredible. Such an epic ride.

  13. Jeremy Irvan


  14. Angel R 531


  15. Clark H.

    Very intense! An Everest on Zwift, wow.

  16. David Galati

    That's just impressive

  17. Emrys Halbertsma Ⓥ

    Dude what happened to your toe?

  18. Dave Mason


  19. Chris Peltzer Ⓥ ☁️

    Thanks everyone! Some way or another you all played a part in this :) Cupcake - I don't know its just been like that for a few weeks. It doesn't hurt too much so I don't worry about it.

  20. Fritz J.

    8848 meters wasn't enough?! :) Nice one! Cool to know there are more insane people out there :)

  21. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Congrats Chris! Ok, this ride is now locked and loaded in the vEveresting hall of fame. Tidy work!

  22. Chris Peltzer Ⓥ ☁️

    Yes! Thanks Andy!

  23. Michael B.

    Almost 11 hours in the saddle. That's sick. LOL