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Cyril Dixon

North Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia
  • 393
    Activities in 2018
  • 13,547.3
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
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Amy's Gran Fondo ~ unexpectedly cracking the UCI 25%

Ride September 15, 2013
  • 119.8km
  • 2,317m
  • 4:01:32
    Moving Time
  • 3,981
  • 346
    Relative Effort
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  1. Maria Baranj #LifeofBikes 🦄
    Maria Baranj #LifeofBikes 🦄

    Awesome effort Cyril... woohoo - well done on the Medal too!!! Superb job.

  2. Richie B.
    Richie B.

    PB and cracked the qualification. "That's what I'm talking about "

  3. Brendan Canty
    Brendan Canty

    great weekend away :) thanks for organising... and congrats on the medal

  4. Matt Fletcher
    Matt Fletcher

    Awesome effort mate!!! Great weekend and a couple of medals to boot. Thanks again for organising the pad - was perfect. Look forward to riding with you soon :)

  5. Zheng R.
    Zheng R.

    thanks for organizing the weekend, great ride. well done

  6. Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster

    Great result Cyril. Excellent weekend, great accommodation.

  7. Nigel W.
    Nigel W.

    One word: "solid".

  8. Martin Ince
    Martin Ince

    congrats cyril .... what a ride ... what a day !

  9. Sean Young - PEAK CYCLES
    Sean Young - PEAK CYCLES

    Really well done mate! Top shelf

  10. Cyril Dixon
    Cyril Dixon

    Thanks everyone, had a great ride and was going to be happy with anything under 3:40. Got down GOR really well in an hour, found a nice rhythm on the climb and went really well over the 2nd 1/2 for a 31' KOM, Now going under 3:30 was possible! Nearly got taken out at the drink station at >45km/hr when some hubbard decided without looking to turn right and go to the drinks station. Having survived that bump formed a group of about 7, which worked really hard across to Deans Marsh. Now I had to get up the final climb in under 25mins, my hammies where now twingy and on the verge of cramping. Tried to keep a really smooth pedal stroke, with lots of self talk. Held it together without cramping to the top but couldn't push through the pedal and so ended up with a 3:31. And a surprise top 25% and at 110th for 40-44yo, was 3 inside the cut off at 113. Lucky for me some 452 had entered! Spoke with the director de sportif about going to Slovakia to represent our country (maybe in a 1 piece!), was met with the response of 'sure!'

    A fantastic weekend out riding for Peak Cycles and also with the equipotranquillo boys and the greenWedge armada! So many stories and had an awesome time.

  11. Andrew Stalder
    Andrew Stalder

    Top job Cyril! Great run down of your day too.

  12. Ian McGregor
    Ian McGregor

    Great ride Cyril! You earned that medal and deserved it!

  13. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    I'm not surprized at all Cyril, all that training and "E"s in front of recent rides meant you right in line for the UCI medal, well done.

  14. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    Cyril, here is a brief ride report on the AGF 2013 with the GWCyclists Strava rides. http://greenwedgecycling.com/ride-reports/

  15. Marty S.
    Marty S.

    Well done Cyril.

  16. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    "If you will it dude, it is no dream" - Walter Sobchak. Well done Cyril.

  17. Matt Fletcher
    Matt Fletcher



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