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Mitch Nodland

San Diego, CA
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    Activities in 2019
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50 mile attempt. Had to pull the plug at 39. Just an odd day with muscles

Run January 14, 2017
  • 39.1mi
  • 2,514ft
  • 5:47:51
    Moving Time
  • 9:06/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,311
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  1. Fu-Pang Hsu
    Fu-Pang Hsu

    How did you get back when you didn't finish at the place you wanted?Just walk the rest miles?

  2. Phillip Espinoza
    Phillip Espinoza

    Still a good 39 miles! You could consider this a good training run and have another whack at it on Feb 4th? Ultra distance is a hard thing to get down. You

  3. Phillip Espinoza
    Phillip Espinoza

    You should have finished! Even walking it in is part of the experience! Still could've had a sub 10 hour finish which would've been good.

  4. Phillip Espinoza
    Phillip Espinoza

    Oh I see your description, yeah if it were a race it might have been easier to force a finish. Great job either way. Do Feb 4th! Start off at 9:00 pace and see how long you can hold out. That would still be a great pace and sub 8! You benefit immensely in ultras from starting off "slow". That's how I moved finished top 41 in SD100 after starting in the high 100s.

  5. Phillip Espinoza
    Phillip Espinoza

    Btw the course is slightly different than what you ran, at mile 14/36 it seems like you went along the dirt road that leads to the paved road. Around mile 13 you go up to the right to run along the Ridge then you continue onto mile 14 with some steep up down Gulleys that continue if you bear right and continue onto the trail that runs to the right of the road as you go outbound. Minor difference but it helps to know for next time. Still confused as to how you didn't hit at least 43 considering you made it to highland valley rd.

  6. Jason Batterson
    Jason Batterson

    Hell of a long way to run solo. Well done.

  7. Jd M.
    Jd M.

    Mitch, you're an animal! Happy birthday

  8. Mitch Nodland
    Mitch Nodland

    Thanks guys. Ya I think my taper must have not been correct. I was running faster in training without getting sore or tired in the first 20. Today I felt it by mile 8...
    Interesting part about the course error Phillip. I'll have to look into that. Ran today since I won't be able to make Feb 4th =(. Maybe next year.


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