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09/18/13 Oakland, CA

  • 98.4km
  • 1,594m
  • 3:20:04
    Moving Time
  • 2,489


  1. Carl Nielson

    Great ride, Josh! Thanks for joining us! I didn't realize you rode from Oakland!

  2. Josh Dapice

    Yup - started in Berkeley. It was a nice day and I had the time. Thank you for organizing that - would have been difficult to motivate otherwise.

  3. Carl Nielson

    I understand you're registered for the real Mountain Challenge. You'll do great. I expect to see you on the podium!

  4. Kevin Metcalfe

    You were killing it when I saw you. Nice ride today.

  5. Paul C.

    Like the amount of riding and climbing you're doing. Has work slowed down?

  6. Josh Dapice

    Kevin - I think the ride was killing me when I saw you! I told myself i would leave something in the tank but not sure that's how it worked out.

  7. Josh Dapice

    Paul - Unfortunately work has not slowed down. I love the warm weather so trying to get out as much as i can before winter. I get in to work pretty early which usually leaves some time in the afternoons to ride.